Versus Mode is a multiplayer mode that enables players or computer players to fight against each other or in a variety of settings. Versus Mode appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney as one of the common game modes. The characters can participate in a variety of battles including battle royales and team battles. The players can also set the rules for the battle including the amount of time, the amount of stock, the items that can be used, handicaps, and the stage that the battle will take place on. The players can also choose settings for the computer players including computer players level. Super Smash Bros. Tourney's Versus Mode includes the following modes, which are all reused from Brawl:

  • Brawl
  • Tourney
  • Rotation
  • Special Brawl
  • Rules

In Special Brawl, the usual Crystal Star transition will be used before the appearance of the character select screen, but instead of an explosion being heard, the SFX heard will be the same wooden wall breaking SFX from Tekken: Blood Vengeance for when Jin Kazama entered Kyoto Castle. In the sequel, the usual explosion replaces the wooden wall break sound that would be used for Special Brawl in the first game.

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