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Information about moi

  • Favorite Mario character: Bowser
  • Favorite Nicktoons character: Patrick
  • Favorite returning character: Donkey Kong
  • Favorite Tekken character: Heihachi
  • Favorite Street Fighters: Akuma (one of the only two in SFV as of now), M. Bison (one of the only two in SFV as of now), and Sagat
  • Favorite Team Umizoomi child: Casey
  • Favorite Barney child: Hannah
  • Favorite Soul Calibur character: Astaroth
  • Favorite Sesame Street Muppet: Big Bird
  • Favorite Pokemon: Mamoswine
  • Favoirite regular Muppet: Uncle Deadly
  • Favorite Disney villain: Captain Hook
  • Favorite overall Disney character: Sulley
  • Favorite Barney episode: Playing it Safe
  • Favorite Sesame Street Home Video: Do the Alphabet