An unlockable character or secret character is a character that is not available at the start of the game (unlike a starter character), but instead must be unlocked.

A unique criteria must be met in order to unlock a certain character, as outlined below. Once the player has met this criteria in-game, a message will display; in all cases, the player is given this screen after completely finishing gameplay.

"Warning! Challenger Approaching!" screen

Challenger Approaching Falcon(SSB)

Captain Falcon challenges the player in SSB.

Challenger Approaching Ganondorf

Ganondorf challenges the player in Melee.

In all games, the text "Warning! Challenger Approaching!" is shown prior to fighting the character. All the games have different screens.

The original game had the character merely displayed in a blue box in front of a black background, with a exclamation point in a red circle on the top of the screen, the the phrase "Challenger Approaching" next to it. The original game also uses the same music as the 1P-Game's intro. Melee added the phrase "A new foe has appeared!", and as a first, a silhouette of the character the player is about to face is also provided, instead of a full image. The game also added animations to the screens, with an undulating matrix effect in the background, while the exclamation point, text and silhouette would be eased in. Original music was also provided solely for the screen, which took the sound of a slow, ominous siren. Brawl returned to the plain black background, but still had animations that would ease in, and when the player pressed any button, the images would fade to black, while the "Challenger Approaching!" text would scatter all over the screen; the siren is also considerably faster and more panicky in its sound than how it sounds in Melee. The "Warning! Challenger Approaching!" screen used in Tourney starts off with the words "Warning! Challenger Approaching!" shown on a background filled with trophies, and then an animated silhouette of the character's pose when highlighted on the character select screen will be seen with the phrase "A new foe has appeared!" below the challenger. The siren has also changed to Heihachi Mishima laughing evilly with Buildup playing, as well as the announcer saying "Wait a second. A new opponent has interrupted the tournament!". In Tourney 2, an air raid siren and the "Here Comes A New Challenger" theme from X-Men Children of the Atom are heard, as well as the announcer saying "Wait a second. A new opponent has interrupted the tournament!". There is almost no change in the "Warning! Challenger Approaching!" screen from Tourney 1 in Tourney 2; the only changes are that the phrase "A new foe has appeared!" is shown in green text, whereas in Tourney 1 it was shown in red text, and the bubbles that contain the approaching challenger are red while they were green in Tourney 1, swapping the colors of the text and bubbles.

After the "Challenger Approaching!" screen, the unlockable character will then be fought with the player having two stock and the unlockable character having one stock during the match with no time limit, on a pre-determined stage and pre-determined music. The player uses the last character played as, as well as the same color swap; in the case of multiplayer battles, the player who won the match will fight the challenger. If a CPU won the match, then the player is not given the option to fight.

By defeating the opponent, the character becomes playable. If the player fails, however, they will not unlock the character, but you can meet with the challenger again by going to the Vault menu and by selecting "Challenger Rematch".

Players can do "Challenger Rematch" as many times as it takes to unlock the character they failed to initially win the unlocking battle against.

List of Characters

CharacterHow to UnlockVS Matches RequiredUnlocking LocationUnlocking Location's BGM
WaluigiAs Wario, complete Classic Mode, complete Classic-Adventure Mode with Wario, or win one Versus Mode match with Wario3Rainbow RoadRainbow Road
LokiAs Thor, complete Classic Mode5Avenger LaboratoryTetris: Type A
BeastComplete Classic Mode on any difficulty10PictoChatWii Shop Channel
LeixiaAs Xiahou Ba, complete Classic Mode or play 10 Versus Mode matches on the Chibi stage13ChibiTetris: Type A
E. HondaAs Ganryu, complete Classic Mode16Deserted TempleTetris: Type B
M.O.D.O.K.Complete Classic Mode without continuing22A.I.M. LaboratoryM.O.D.O.K.'s Song (Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds)
Scarecrow ManAs Dorothy, complete Classic Mode25Candy ConstellationFollow the Yellow Brick Road
CarlosExecute a Final Smash successfully 32 times30Magic School Bus RooftopRide on the Magic School Bus
MavisAs Count Dracula, complete Classic Mode32Mavis Dracula's BedroomMenu (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
Hammer Bro.As Waluigi, complete Classic Mode35Delfino PlazaDelfino Plaza
WeskerAs either Jill or Chris, complete Classic Mode37Tricell LaboratorySamurai Goroh's Song (F-Zero GX)
ChristieAs either Eddy or I.M. Eddie, complete Classic Mode39Jungle JapesJungle Japes (Melee)
KisukePlay 13 Versus Mode matches on Karakura Town42Karakura TownCity of Flowers
ShinAs Algol, complete Classic Mode44Distant PlanetHellfire
ChekovAs Sulu, win 5 Versus Mode matches46Avenger LaboratoryPhalanx Smasher
Nemesis T-TypeAs White Queen, win 22 Versus Mode matches48Tricell LaboratoryBattle Scene / Final Boss (Golden Sun)
PipAs Seras. complete Classic Mode50Tricell LaboratoryVoiled Kraken
Plastic ManAs SuperMan, complete Classic Mode53BattlefieldBattlefield (Melee)
Shuma-GorathAs anyone from the Marvel Comics universe, excluding Magneto, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Ghost Rider, clear Classic Mode55Chaos DimensionShuma-Gorath's Song (Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds)
HeinkelAs Alexander, complete Classic Mode57A.I.M. FactoryVisitor (Metal Black)
ToolaComplete Break the Targets Level 4 for the first time58Final DestinationFinal Destination Tourney Mix
Pang DeAs Ma Chao, clear Classic Mode60BattlefieldMassacre Theatre
ShijimaGet at least 1,864 feet in the Home-Run Contest62Dragonspiral TowerSpies (Cofidential from Samurai Warriors remixed)
Guo HuaiClear Classic Mode with every Dynasty Warriors officer from the Jin kingdom64Great Boggly TreeIsolation
Boomerang Bro.As Hammer Bro., clear Classic Mode65Delfino PlazaDelfino Plaza
CombotAs Mokujin, win one Versus Mode match with the fighting style of either Alisa, Lee, or Xiaoyu67Robot FactoryGyromite
MephistoAs Ghost Rider, complete Classic Mode, or complete Classic Mode on Hard difficulty70BattlefieldDies Irae
UjutsuAs Zhou Tai, complete Classic Mode73BattlefieldDefense Battle
DormammuAs Shuma-Gorath, complete Classic Mode, or win 10 Versus Mode matches with Doctor Strange75Chaos DimensionDormammu's Song (Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds)
MabelExecute a Final Smash successfuflly 26 times78Mystery ShackEphemeral Dream (Vocal Version)
KakyoinAs Sakura, win a Tournament80XuchangNoriaki Kakyoin's Theme
HildeAs Kanetsugu, complete Classic Mode83Port Town Aero DriveDraq's Song (F-Zero GX)
KulaGet at least 1,500 feet in the Home-Run Contest85Dragon RealmsDiamond Dust
YumieAs Alexander, complete Classic-Adventure Mode88Karaoke CrownStar Wolf (Star Fox: Assault)
IcemanAs Sailor Mercury, complete Classic-Adventure Mode90Danger RoomWe Are Young
War MachineAs Charade, complete Classic Mode92Avenger LaboratoryIron Man's Song (Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds)
Fire Bro.As Boomerang Bro., complete Classic Mode95Delfino PlazaDelfino Plaza
DampierreAs Shin, complete Classic Mode98Kyoto International School Principal's OfficeMidnight Mystique
YurimaruAs Spock, win 10 Versus Mode matches102Luigi's MansionAmbition to Take Over
OniComplete Break the Targets Level 1 with 5 different characters105Final DestinationGalactus Battle
SamAs Frodo, win a Tournament108Skyscraper Under ConstructionChaotic Field
KenshinAs Shingen, win 5 Versus Mode matches109KawanakajimaKawanakajima -Sengoku 3 Mix-
DeathstrokeComplete Classic Mode with any Teen Titans character except Deathstroke111Titans' Tower RooftopTeen Titans Theme
TubalcainComplete Smash the Car Level 4 for the first time113Pitch-Black JungleControl Crisis
MedusaComplete Classic Mode with every anime/manga female character115Molten MountRipper Roo's Song
GenAs either Jinpachi or Wang, complete Classic-Adventure Mode119Avatar RealmWario Land 3 Credits
VioletAs Mr. Incredible, complete Classic Mode123Daily BugleThe Volcano's Base
AlphonseComplete Smash the Car Level 1 with 12 different characters125BattlefieldMetal Opponent
RipAs either Integra or Seras, win 10 Versus Mode matches128Daily BugleControl Crisis
TaskmasterPlay 15 matches on Daily Bugle in Versus Mode or complete Break the Targets Level 3.130Daily BugleGet Ready for the Fight of Your Life
ByakuyaEndure a 15-Minute Brawl140PictoChatSokyoku Hill
She-HulkAs Hulk, complete Classic-Adventure Mode145Mario CircuitMore Than Meets the Eye
KhanAs Kenshin, complete Classic Mode147Final DestinationFinal Destination Tourney Mix
UnknownAs anyone from the Tekken universe, excluding Ogre, Ganryu or Jack-6, complete Classic Mode150Final DestinationGalactus Battle
KataraAs either Aang or Korra, complete Classic Mode156Avatar RealmDeathborn's Song (F-Zero GX)
UhuraAs Xingcai, complete Classic Mode163Dragon RealmsCity of Flowers (Samurai Warriors 1)
YoshimotoComplete Hit the Fire Barrels Level 2 for the first time165Avatar RealmOkehazama (Samurai Warriors 1)
PippinGet at least 3,100 feet in the Home-Run Contest168Mario CircuitCity of Flowers (Samurai Warriors 1)
AvdolWin a Poker game featuring Daniel J. D'Arby as the opponent170Utopia of the BlessedMohammed Avdol's Theme
McCoyCollect 125 different dossiers175Unknown ForestFuraku -Odawara Castle- (Samurai Warriors 3)
ZasalamelGet at least 3,000 feet in the Home-Run Contest177Delfino PlazaObstacle Course
RenjiPlay Versus Mode with 15 different anime/manga characters185A.I.M. FactoryBankai (Bleach: Shattered Blade)
PhoebeAccumulate 4 hours of total gameplay192Final DestinationFinal Destination Tourney Mix
HawkeyeAs either Captain America or Iron Man, complete Classic Mode200Avenger LaboratoryKatamari Love
ZakuroAs Chekov, complete Classic Mode203Depths of HellNight Sweeper
Violet BeauregardeAs Lars, complete Classic Mode205Distant PlanetViolet Beauregarde
BoromirAs Faramir, complete Classic Mode206Delfino PlazaSeppa (Samurai Warriors 3)
AncientOgreAs Ogre, complete Classic Mode212Kyoto International School Principal's OfficeStormy Beach
BlankaComplete Classic-Adventure Mode with 10 different characters215Pitch-Black JungleBlanka's Song (Super Street Fighter II)
TentenClear Smash the Car Level 2 in less than 2 minutes218Skyscraper Under ConstructionThird Training Field (Naruto: Clash of Ninja)
TheodenAccumulate 8 hours of total gameplay222Lizards' DenCyclonized Typhoon (Dynasty Warriors 8)
ElysiumAs Mokujin, win one Versus Mode match while using the Style of Pyrrha225Spear PillarSacred Dawn
MeridaAs Heihachi, complete Classic Mode227Luigi's MansionTouch the Sky
MinnieAs Nova, complete Classic Mode232Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Song
GruntyAs Banjo, complete Classic Mode235Grunty's Tower RooftopBanjo-Kazooie Final Battle Theme
Mr. EADAs either Shark Boy or Lava Girl, complete Classic Mode237Mute CityMr. EAD's Song (F-Zero GX)
SaisyuAs Kyo, complete Classic-Adventure Mode without continuing250Depths of HellIn Spite of One's Age (KOF 98)
OichiWin 6 Stamina matches in Versus Mode on any Samurai Warriors universe stage255HonnojiDefense Battle (Samurai Warriors 2)
StargirlAs Sailor Moon, complete Classic-Adventure Mode on Normal difficulty or higher260Robot FactoryFinal Destination (Melee)
Gomar & ShiohComplete Classic Mode with every F-Zero universe character except Gomar & Shioh262Port Town Aero DriveGomar & Shioh's Song (F-Zero GX)
InfernoComplete Board the Platforms Level 3264Molten MountHellfire
JiraiyaAs Naruto, win 11 Versus Mode matches269BattlefieldLightning Blitz -Okehazama- (Samurai Warriors 3)
GoenitzAs Alex, complete Classic Mode270ChibiRaise Thy Sword
ToshiieAs Captain John Price, win 10 Versus Mode matches286New-KinkakujiUtsusemi -Shizugatake-
LarsAs either Astaroth or Nightmare, complete Classic Mode291Kyoto CastleBuildup
BuzzAs Ghost Rider, complete Classic-Adventure Mode293New-KinkakujiYou've Got a Friend in Me
BlobAs Magneto, complete Classic Mode300Danger RoomThe Devil Went Down to Georgia
RufusAs either Wonder Red or N. Gin, complete Classic Mode311Skyscraper Under ConstructionGee, Officer Krupke
Gan NingAs Xu Huang, complete Classic Mode322XuchangSurprise Attack (Dynasty Warriors 3)
ElrondEndure a 20-Minute Brawl327Danger RoomKyoto (Samurai Warriors Katana)
CaesarAs Joseph, win a Tournament328Chaos DimensionHol Horse's Theme
IggyDefeat 50 Fighting Alloys in the Endless Brawl330BattlefieldIggy's Theme
Tin WoodmanAs Scarecrow Man, complete Classic Mode333Candy ConstellationFollow the Yellow Brick Road
SajinAs Krystal, complete Classic-Adventure Mode without continuing335Chaos DimensionNausea (Bleach Shattered Blade)
IrisAs either Ruby or Misery, complete Classic Mode337Gloomsville MansionRuby Gloom Theme Song
GuileAs Jack-6, complete Classic Mode, or complete Classic-Adventure Mode with P. Jack341Run-Down Back AlleyGuile's Song (Street Fighter II)
AbyssAs Zasalamel, complete Classic Mode354Delfino PlazaCatastrophe
Cowardly LionAs Tin Woodman, complete Classic Mode373Candy ConstellationFollow the Yellow Brick Road
IoriAs Kyo, complete Classic Mode without continuing376Mario CircuitSaxophone Storm
ChadExecute a Final Smash successfully 50 times385Star CarnivalDiscord of Soul (Bleach: Shattered Blade)
Captain HookComplete Classic Mode with every Soul Calibur universe character388Pirate ShipJake and the Never Land Pirates Theme
MasamuneGet at least 900 feet in the Home-Run Contest390XuchangGeigeki (Samurai Warriors 3)
Veruca SaltAs Kazuya, complete Classic Mode408Wonka Factory RooftopVeruca Salt
UjiyasuAs Shingen, complete Classic-Adventure Mode426Odawara CastleFuraku -Odawara Castle-
Sun ShangxiangPlay Versus Mode with 10 different female characters430ChibiThousand Suns -DW8th Mix-
ScottAs McCoy, complete Classic Mode435SmashvilleMechanized Space Ninja
Anubis PolnareffAs Polnareff, win 17 Versus Mode matches440Final DestinationAnubis Polnareff's Theme
ArnoldAs Leixia, win 17 Versus Mode matches444BattlefieldMenu 2
Edge MasterAs Mokujin, win one Versus Mode match while using the Style of Astaroth450PictoChatSacred Dawn
InezAs either Lee, Nina, Combot, or Anna, complete Classic Mode454Kyoto International School Principal's OfficeCyberchase Theme Song
Seong Mi-naComplete Break the Targets Level 2461BattlefieldBattlefield
HanataroComplete Smash the Car with 15 different characters475Azazel's ChamberInnocent (Bleach: Shattered Blade)
MotonariExcute a Final Smash successfully 15 times445TetorigawaConflict at Itsukushima (Samurai Warriors Chronicles)
HyouAs either Kenshiro, Han, or Shachi, win a Tournament480Han's CastleMoral Hatred (Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2)
UryuAs Huang Zhong, complete Classic Mode490Drive-In at NightAn Oath of the Sword
KenAs Ryu, complete Classic Mode503Pitch-Black JungleKen's Song (X-Men vs. Street Fighter)
BettyAs Priss, win a Tournament507Atomic Betty's Space ShipAtomic Betty Theme Song
Young JosephAs Joseph, win 13 Versus Mode matches511Bridge of EldinJoseph Joestar's Song
MadelineAs Harley Quinn, complete Classic Mode513Skyscraper Under ConstructionI'm Madeline
MagnusComplete Board the Platforms Level 3519Great Boggly TreeTheme of Magnus Von Grapple
ThouzerAs either Rei, Juda, or Shew, complete Classic Mode on Hard difficulty or higher550BattlefieldWithout Warrant (Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2)
AnakinAs either Darth Vader, Watto, or Luke, complete Classic Mode553BattlefieldStar Wars Main Theme
WordGirlAs either Ganryu, Dr. Bosconovitch, or Rocket Raccoon, complete Classic-Adventure Mode555WordGirl's Super Secret Spaceship HideoutWordGirl Theme Song
Shaak TiExecute a Final Smash successfully 10 times577|align="right"|Final DestinationStar Wars Main Theme
RatchetAs Rodney, complete Classic Mode582Robot FactoryBrain Cleaner
Red Riding HoodAs Algol, complete Classic-Adventure Mode588Red's HouseGreat Big World
OrionGet at least 2,850 feet in the Home-Run Contest590Star CarnivalSee You Later!
C-3POComplete Classic Mode with any Star Wars universe character except C-3PO602Droid FactoryStar Wars Main Theme
MarcelineAs Ice King, complete Classic Mode616Drive-In at NightSonic Heroes
Princess PrestoAs Natsu, complete Classic Mode622Star CarnivalStar Spangled Man
YachiruAs either Kenpachi or Ikkaku, win a Tournament635Drive-In at NightInnocent (Bleach: Shattered Blade)
HakanAs Akuma, complete Classic Mode662Oil WorksHakan's Song
Cmdr. KrugeAs Spock, win 20 Versus Mode matches670Run-Down Back AlleyOuka -Komaki-Nagakute-
LizardmanAs Necrid, complete Classic Mode675Lizards' DenBrain Cleaner
KaiohAs Raoh, complete Classic Mode without using continues685Final DestinationMajin (Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2)
BerserkerComplete the 100-Man Brawl700Danger RoomGee, Officer Krupke
ArtemisEndure a 10-Minute Brawl710AtlantisPlanet Colors
AmyPlay 20 Versus Mode matches on Unknown Forest722Unknown ForestTitle (Kid Icarus)
Mad HatterComplete Classic Mode with every Batman universe character except Mad Hatter735BattlefieldTetris: Type A
Zhou YuDefeat 90 Fighting Alloys in the Endless Brawl750Utopia of the BlessedClumsy Expression
ALFAs Alisa, win 15 Versus Mode matches752BattlefieldALF: The Animated Series Theme
Susan & MaryComplete Board the Platforms Level 3 with 5 different characters768Crumbling LaboratoryCrumbling Laboratory (Super Street Fighter IV)
Miguel S.As either Maya or Spider-Man, complete Classic Mode777BattefieldMaya & Miguel Theme
Sun CePlay 12 Stock Battles in the Versus Mode790ChibiClumsy Expression
ThanosAs Cervantes, complete Classic Mode, or build one stage with the Super Stage Builder then brawl on a custom stage800Kyoto CastlePower-Hungry Fool
NicoleAs either Sabrina or Eliza, complete Classic Mode807Witch AcademySabrina's Secret Life Theme
Man-BatPlay Versus Mode for a combined total of 5 hours810Arkham AsylumBatman Theme
ChiricoAs Soap, complete Classic Mode on Normal difficulty or higher.815OkehazamaHonoo no Sadame
TricksterGet at least 1,482 feet in the Home-Run Contest820MetropolisCrumbling Laboratory (Super Street Fighter IV)
Martian ManhunterAs Gaara, complete Classic Mode825Stryker's IslandGee, Officer Krupke (Broadway Version)
ShareenaAs Pyrrha, win 10 Versus Mode matches838The Volcano's BaseWario Land 3 Credits
Zhang FeiAs Zangief, complete Smash the Car Level 3850ChangbanFlying Cloud (Dynasty Warriors 7)
Mr. TerrificAs Sailor Moon, complete Classic-Adventure Mode without continuing880BattlefieldEncounter
AnnikaAs Mad Hatter, complete Classic Mode888Villa VillekulaPippi Longstocking (Is Coming Into Your Town)
TommyAs Annika, complete Classic Mode899Villa VillekulaPippi Longstocking (Is Coming Into Your Town)
Night TerrorAs Nightmare, complete Board the Platforms Level 2900Final DestinationWorld Distortion
Sgt. CalhounAs either Alisa or Xiaoyu, complete Classic Mode without continuing909Hero's DutyGee, Officer Krupke
DashAs Elastigirl, complete Classic Mode911Daily BugleShotgun Kiss
MalebolgiaAs Spawn, complete Classic Mode916Depths of HellThis is Halloween
Indiana JonesComplete Classic Mode with every Pippi Longstocking unverse character932Temple of DoomIndiana Jones Theme Song
Alpha PigAs Ineptune, complete Classic Mode998Book Club InteriorStar Spangled Man
AzazelComplete Classic-Adventure Mode*1000Azazel's ChamberSacred Dark
SosukeComplete Board the Platforms with every anime/manga villain1025Depths of HellLama's Dubsong (Super Armen Bros. ver.) (Bleach: Shattered Blade)
MegatronAs Starscream, complete Classic Mode1050AutobaseMore Than Meets the Eye
DarkseidAs either Naruto, Kenshiro, Edward, Ichigo, Alucard, or Sailor Moon, clear Classic Mode on Hard difficulty or higher1100Oil WorksClimb Up! And Get The Last Chance!
Clawdeen WolfAs Shy Guy, complete Classic-Adventure Mode1120Monster High RoofftopDies Irae
FrostyAs Zafina, complete Classic Mode1200North PoleFrosty the Snowman
CortanaAs Master Chief, complete Classic Mode1250Danger RoomGee, Officer Krupke
Black AdamClear Classic Mode with every Sailor Moon universe character1300Final DestinationDies Irae
Lagoona BlueAs Mr. EAD, complete Classic Mode1320Monster High RooftopGalactus Battle
Gigi GrantAs Charizard, complete Classic Mode1400Monster High RooftopGiga Bowser (Melee)
JuggernautClear Classic Mode with every Marvel Comics universe character except Juggernaut1500Danger RoomSpace Port (X-Men: Children of the Atom)

*Azazel will automatically be unlocked when you clear Classic-Adventure Mode.

List of Characters (SSBT2)

Character How to unlock Vs matches Required Unlocking Location Dragonball Dragon Unlocking Location's BGM
Takeda Complete Classic with Kenshi without continuing 41 Outworld Marketplace Black Star Shenron Sky Temple (Mortal Kombat Deception)
Amy Rose Win matches with 10 different female characters 53 Twinkle Park Porunga Pleasure Castle (Sonic Adventure)
Admiral Zhao Defeat 45 enemies in Smash Run with Lt. Werner 94 Siege of the North Porunga Western War Front (Kessen)
Daegon Win 100 Survival Mode matches with Taven 200 Wu Shi Academy Shenron Pyramid of Argus
Jet (The Last Airbender) Win a Chess Brawl with Zuko as the leader. 805 Kuatan Jungle Black Star Shenron Night Raid (Dynasty Warriors 6 Special)
Toll Road Defeat Puppet Master in Classic Mode with Hale Caesar, then finish Classic Mode. 931 Denzali Train Black Star Shenron Massacre Theatre (Dynasty Warriors 7)
General How Kill 50 Smash Run enemies with Toph Beifong 1213 Cassandra Prison Black Star Shenron N'Dool's song (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven)
Sozin Clear Boss Mode with Ozai, Zuko, Azula and Iroh 1800 Fire Nation Capital Black Star Shenron To Live or Die (Time Crisis 4)
Weather Report Get 2,900 ft in Home-run Contest 2300 Green Dolphin Street Prison Black Star Shenron Weather Report's song (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven)
Gunner Kill 180 Smash Run enemies with Hale Caesar. 2515 Nepal Base Porunga Clash (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders)
Unalaq Cancel a Hyper Smash into a Final Smash 80 times. 3800 Spirit World Black Star Shenron Regional Warlord (Sengoku Basara 3)
Another Universe Diego Clear Man the Meat Level 3 with Diego (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) 4290 Philadelphia Coastline  Porunga Diego Brando's song (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven)
Heaven Ascencion Dio Clear Survival Mode with Dio 6000 Destroyed Cairo Bridge Shenron Another Universe Diego Brando's song (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven)


  • In the very first Smash game and Melee, the difficulty of each unlockable character that is fought decreases with every consecutive character unlocked, with the last character unlocked being the easiest to defeat. In Brawl and the 3DS version of SSB4, the difficulty of each unlockable character that is fought increases with every consecutive character unlocked, with the last character unlocked being the hardest to defeat. In the Wii U version of SSB4 and the Tourney series, every unlockable character that is fought has a high difficulty, regardless of the order they are unlocked in.
  • After unlocking a character in SSB4, the jingle that is heard when unlocking someone in Brawl is heard and cuts to a screen with a background that resembles the sky that shows the unlockable character's CG art image and the words "(Character) joins the battle!" is shown. In the Tourney series, this is kept the same, except there is a completely black background with a blue-violet (orange in Tourney 2) stripe that shows the unlockable character's CG art image on the right side and a message on the left.
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