English: Brian Hanford

Japanese: KENN

French: Gregory Praet

German: Franz Strohmeier

Arabic: Fouad Shamas

Mandarin Chinese: Lao Gui

Rival: Daqiao (from Dynasty Warriors)

Second Rival: Kronika (from Mortal Kombat)

Idle: Fahkumram does a Waikruu.

Select: Fahkumram punches his hands together and swings his elbows as the camera zooms saying "Let's get to it!"

Intro: Fahkumram get released from his restraints at his point and says "What are you fighting for?"

Neutral: Double Elbow Strike: Fahkumram swings his right elbow, then spins and slams his left elbow into the opponent.

Side: Thundershock Kick: Fahkumram does a spin kick that sends the opponent flying.

Up: Vicious Upeprcut: Fahkumram crouches and does quick right uppercut. In midair, he flies up doing the uppercut.

Down: Horizon Dash: Fahkumram dashes to his opponent and does a hard straight.

Hyper Smash: Phutphi: Fahkumram moves forward doing five elbow strikes, then when the opponent is stunned poses and does a Thundershock Kick blowing the opponent away.

Final Smash: Kār s̄ngkhrām f̂ālæb: Based on his Tekken 7 Rage Art. Fahkumram declares "This is it!" then does a middle kick. If he hits, he follows with smacking his elbow in his opponent's face, then jumps and does a circular punch, then juggles his opponent with two knee kicks, then does a jumping knee kick. He then says "You're history!" then vaults into the air and slams his knee bringing his opponent to the ground hard.

Victory 1: Fahkumram jumps to the downed opponent and drops his knee on him/her hard. He then says "That it?"

Victory 2: Fahkumram raises his knee between his left elbow, then does two spin kicks, and an elbow strike saying "You got thundered."

Victory 3: Fahkumram kicks up and middle, then jabs and elbow strikes three times saying "I'll be in the ring, anytime you're ready."

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