Gregoria Vector
English: Wanda Sykes

Japanese: Minako Kotobuki

French: Sybille Tureau

German: Peggy Pollow

Arabic: Rawaa Yassin

Mandarin Chinese: Yang Mi

Rival: Pepper Mintz (Ryoku Mintz in Japan)

Second Rival: Dale (from If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord)

Idle: Gregoria floats in midair crossing her arms.

Select: Flies shooting beams out of her eyes as the camera zooms saying "You know no one can see that, right?"

Intro: Gregoria breaks through a statue of herself saying "Because... we are not supposed to be seen."

Neutral: Gargoyle Beam: Gregoria shoots red beams out of her eyes. The thumb pad can guide the beam's trajectory.

Side: Rock Twirl: Gregoria twirls while whacking her opponent with a rock.

Up: Winged: Gregoria spins into the air while swiping her arms left.

Down: Fly and Drop: Gregoria flies to her opponent and if she does, grabs her opponent, flies up and drops him/her hard.

Hyper Smash: Gargoyle Stone: Gregoria charges something in her beam and shoots a large beam that turns her opponent to stone for 10 seconds.

Final Smash: Gregoria's Rampage: Gregoria fills with a blind rage and flies around wildly doing arm and leg swings. After 11 swings, drops her belly onto her opponent.

Victory 1: Gregoria flies up saying "We don't need Elder Gods to beat you."

Victory 2: Gregoria pets her snout and says "Drops on you!"

Victory 3: Gregoria kicks then punches the ground and says "The enemy's creamed. Guess that takes the cake."

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