Basil Hawkins
English: Taliesin Jaffe

Japanese: Shigenori Soya

French: Quentin Minion

German: Niko Macoulis

Arabic: Abdo Hakim

Mandarin Chinese: Clement Fu

Rival: Turbo

Second Rival: Baltazar (from Doctor Who)

Idle: Hawkins holds a stack of Tarot cards in his hand.

Select: Hawkins whiplashes his straw sword and changes into his Straw Man form as the camera zooms saying "Such was the fate, of your pants."

Intro: Straw takes up Hawkins' shape who then assumes his human form and says "Taking a life on this day would only bring our crew bad fortune."

Neutral: The shadow of death looms over you.: Hawkins sends a large ball of straw rolling towards his opponent.

Side: Chances of Escape 0%: Creates a space around himself making random objects fall down on opponents.

Up: Straw Sword: Tower: Hawkins lashes his straw sword five times, then jumps up swinging his straw sword around.

Down: "Life" Minus One: Hawkins takes out a doll in the shape of his opponent. If his opponent strikes him, the damage is transmitted to him/her then it heals Hawkins two times the effect.

Hyper Smash: Demon Face: Hammered Nails: Hawkins changes into his straw man form and swings his right arm sending nails flying, then his left arm with nails shot out, then scissors his hands shooting dark nails outward.

Final Smash: Straw Man's Card: By generating a large amount of straw from his sword, Hawkins creates a large straw monster that resembles his Demon Face technique. Once the entity detaches itself from his sword, Hawkins is able to remotely control it at will, with the Straw Man mimicking his movements. A attacks will have this gargantuan straw monster swing its club in conjuntion with Hawkins' sword attacks. B attacks will have the monster shoot nails. After 75 seconds, the monster disappears.

Victory 1: Hawkins shows his Tarot cards and says "The cards are in our favor today..." 

Victory 2: Hawkins changes to his straw man form and says "Pathetic. Is that the best you can do?" 

Victory 3: Hawkins swings his straw sword and shows the Hanged Man tarot card saying "Looks like you were too selfish."

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