Bad Bard.PNG
English: Richard Cansino

Japanese: Hiro Shimono

French: Vincent De Bouard

German: Leonhard Mahlich

Arabic: Anji Al-Yusef

Mandarin Chinese: Wang Yonggang

Rival: H. Kane

Idle: Shibito (Bad Bard in the English dub) holds a book out.

Select: Summons Japanese hiragana and kanji as the camera zooms saying "Welcome to Library Hair Hunt Stadium!"

Intro: Shibito walks to his point and writes "I'm the best!" in Japanese characters. Then says "It's unfortunate for you, that you have come here today!"

Neutral: Projection of Names: Shibito sends the words "You suck!" in Japanese characters to attack his opponent.

Side: Six Word Spears: Shibito summons Japanese characters that fire spears at the opponent.

Up: Boing: Shibito writes "Boing!" in Japanese characters and it makes him jump high.

Down: Homonym Mirror: Shibito summons multiple duplicates of Japanese characters based on both the opponent's allies and himself, so they can't tell the difference between them and the duplicates. This can make an opponent's team turn on one another for 11 seconds. It can also make Smash Run enemies his temporary allies.

Hyper Smash: Angry Dragon Storm: Shibito summons many Japanese characters of different elements such as fire, ice, and lightning to blast the opponent.

Final Smash: Super Huge Word Dragon: Shibito writes the Final Smash's name in Japanese characters and it summons a massive word-shaped dragon which roars and flies across the stage damaging his opponent.

Victory 1: Shibito marks a check in his notes and says "I've got it; Before I destory you all, why don't you tell me your names?"

Victory 2: Shibito writes "All gone, losers!" in Japanese characters then says "No one's gonna remember you were even here."

Victory 3: Shibito holds a finger up and says "My Super Fist of Gothic allows me to tap resourcefully into the power of words."

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