English: Jamieson Price

Japanese: Keiichi Sonobe

French: Julien Chatelet

German: Tom Jacobs

Arabic: Khaldoun Karout

Mandarin Chinese: Sun Jinliang

Rival: Tom Sawyer

Idle: Stands with his hands on his waist shaking his arms.

Select: Gives an angry face shoots jelly as the camera zooms saying "Hey, you can slice me and you can dice me, but anyway you cut it, it still turns up 100% Jiggler!"

Intro: Jelly forms up into Tokoro who says "If you were to ask me, I'd say search the stalls for him."

Neutral: Tokoroten Gun: Tokoro Tennosuke shoots small chunks of jelly from his body.

Side: Orochi Fist: Jelly-like snakes come out and attack the opponent.

Up: Tokoroten Rocket: Flames burn at the bottom of his feet causing him to fly.

Down: Tokoroten Jet: Tokoro Tennosuke slides at the opponent with fast speed.

Hyper Smash: First-Rate Dish: Tokoro turns himself ot jelly for his opponent to eat. If the opponent tries to, Tokoro attacks him/her from inside 20 times then bursts out. While the opponent is flying, Tokoro says "Lunch time's over!"

Final Smash: Tokoroten Train: Tokoro Tennosuke turns into a train and rushes towards the enemy.

Victory 1: Tokoro pours coffee on himself saying "Well I'm not toast, but perhaps you'd like a bite."

Victory 2: Tokoro takes a multitude of animal shapes then says "Be careful what you eat, I might eat you!"

Victory 3: Tokoro turns his arms into jelly-drills saying "I knew I could change him over to my side."

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