English: Christopher Eccleston (style of Sean Connery)

Japanese: Mugihito

French: Stephane Pelzer

German: See-Young Cho

Arabic: Toufic Chehab

Mandarin Chinese: Hao Zhou

Rival: Rip

Idle: Kneels with his Double Barreled Express "Matilda" Rifle aimed.

Select: Shoots his Matilda rifle forward, then behind him, then does a spin kick and shoots upward as the camera zooms saying "Automatic rifles. Who in God's name has automatic rifles?"

Intro: Quatermain kicks down saloon doors saying "I hate getting old."

Neutral: Matilda Rifle: Quatermain shoots his Matilda Rifle three times.

Side: Rifle Birdie: Quatermain thrusts his rifle, then golf swings the rifle launching his opponent.

Up: Python Revolver: Quatermain somersault kicks into the air then shoots Webley Green revolver forward two times.

Down: Sideblinder: Quatermain rushes forward and a dashing punch then a kick giving three afterimages of himself.

Hyper Smash: Ricochet Matilda: Quatermain loads special rounds into his Matilda Rifle and shoots them making the bullets ricochet around the arena for 10 seconds.

Final Smash: Bomb Shot: Quatermain throws four powerful bombs, then spins his Matilda Rifle and says "Run along home!" and shoots the bombs causing large Nova-like explosions.

Victory 1: Quatermain reloads his rifle saying "If you can't do it with one bullet, don't do it at all."

Victory 2: Quatermain rolls and shoots his Webley Green at two vultures saying "Too soon, but that was bloody close."

Victory 3: Quatermain thrusts his rifle and shoots it, then bashes his rifle saying "That's about as patriotic as it gets around here."

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