English: David Matranga

Japanese: Yuki Kaji

French: Bruno Meyere

German: Amadeus Strobl

Arabic: Richard Yanni

Mandarin Chinese: Cao Jilu

Rival: Clawhauser

Second Rival: River Song (from Doctor Who)

Idle: Has his hands out covered in fire and ice.

Select: Sprays ice, then melts it with fire as the camera zooms saying "I'm sure our opponents intend to fight a defensive battle."

Intro: An ice statue of Shouto is formed, then he burns himself out of it and says "I was almost too late to stop this guy."

Neutral: Fire and Ice Ball: Shouto shoots a fireball, then an ice ball at his opponent.

Side: Ice Stalagmite: Shouto sets his foot down sending a trail of ice forward.

Up: Fire Blitz: Shouto jumps into the air doing two fire punches.

Down: Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall: Shouto makes a wall of ice to freeze his opponent.

Hyper Smash: Flashfreeze Heatwave: Shouto cools the air around him with his ice powers. Then, by switching to his fire, Shoto rapidly heats and expands the air around him. This allows him to release a superheated blast.

Final Smash: Elemental Duality: Based on his My Hero One's Justice Level 2 Special. Shouto first sends a trail of ice forward. If it hits, he charges his fire and punches his opponent upward in a pillar of fire, then follows after and shoots a fire blast that blows his opponent sky high.

Victory 1: Shouto lights his left hand on fire and looks up saying "There is nothing more to say."

Victory 2: Shouto freezes the ground around himself and says "Be grateful I didn't kill you."

Victory 3: Shouto does an icy then fire blast and says "Especially since my dear old dad is watching."

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