English: Kirk Thornton

Japanese: Takuya Kirimoto

French: Jeremy Zylberberg

German: Marcel Liedko

Arabic: Fouad Shamas

Mandarin Chinese: Huang Bin

Rival: Melinda C.

Second Rival: Keira Espada (from Assassins Pride)

Idle: Spins his ninjato.

Select: Shoots poison darts from a blow gun, then cross slashes his ninjato as the camera zooms saying "Well that's what everybody in Iga's saying; That you just couldn't wait to get your hands on that Mastery Book!"

Intro: Jinkuro cuts through his camoflage and says "You're living in the past, but the one who stayed behind has moved on. Gimme the other half of the map!"

Neutral: Shuriken Rain: Jinkuro throws two waves of shuriken at his opponent.

Side: Bomb Darts: Jinkuro throws darts that explode on contact.

Up: Whiplash Banzai: Jinkuro spins his whip above himself then slings it upward allowing him to latch onto a platform.

Down: Blinding Powder: Jinkuro sprays some powder that blinds his opponent and messes their controls up for 10 seconds.

Hyper Smash: Execution Technique: Thunderclap Catastrophe Slash: Jinkuro jumps high up and comes down swinging his sword hard. If he hits, Jinkuro strikes four poses then seven cuts appear on the opponent blowing him/her away.

Final Smash: Execution Technique: Calamity Tiger Blade: Jinkuro runs to his opponent glowing his ninjato red and if he hits, cuts his opponent 18 times with blinding speed, then runs his sword into the opponent and kicks him/her away.

Victory 1: Jinkuro walks forward and points his sword outward, then shows a map saying "I'd think very hard before I threw my life away on some abstract principle like honor."

Victory 2: Jinkuro shows a lifeless head and says "I'm as guilty as sin, I tell ya'. I killed him with my own hands, I'M A REAL BAD GUY!"

Victory 3: Jinkuro swings his ninjato eight times, then swings his left hand saying "Bite me, boy scout!"

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