English: Kari Wahlgren

Japanese: Maaya Sakamoto

French: Emmanuelle Lambrey

German: Anna Ewelina

Arabic: Amal Omran

Mandarin Chinese: Yan Ma Ma

Rival: Quatermain (Allan Quatermain)

Idle: Rip spins her rifle.

Select: Rip Van Winkle fires Magic Homing Bullets and shoots the camera which zooms to her, then she says "Tinker tailor soldier sailor, my bullet punishes all without distinction."

Intro: Rip runs in saying "Well, I guess the only thing left for you to do, you dirty limey..." then arms her rifle with "is die."

Neutral: Magic Homing Bullet: Rip shoots a bullet that tracks the opponent like an enemy chaser.

Side: Wahle Dein Gift: Rip throws a poison gas grenade at her opponent.

Up: Spiele Mit Mir: Rip jumps into the air twirling while shooting her rifle below herself.

Down: Vier Panzerschreck: Rip pulls out a 4-tube Panzerschreck and fires four rockets at her opponent.

Hyper Smash: Hochgeschwindigkeitszug: Rip jumps into the air saying "My enemies never tell the tale!" then fires a barrage of bullets below herself.

Final Smash: Magische Heuschrecke: Rip cocks her rifle saying "Die schweinhund!" then dances around while firing Magic Homing Bullets in multiple directions. After 15 steps, she swings her rifle then fires three bullets.

Victory 1: Rip uses her gun for a pole dance and says "The smell of burnt flesh is tasty."

Victory 2: Rip spins her rifle around then points it forward saying "How about condemning your shipmates to hell."

Victory 3: Rip shoots down some missiles with her rifle then says "Too bad, we could have been friends."

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