English: Lance Reddick (style of Jessie Lawrence Ferguson)

Japanese: Taketora

French: Freddie Shermann

German: Thomas Wenke

Arabic: Jamal Hamdan

Mandarin Chinese: Huang Xiaoming

Rival: Patternista

Second Rival: Tim Shaw (from Doctor Who)

Idle: Lutan stands with a long spear.

Select: Lutan swings his long spear, then throws an axe then pulls out a crossbow as the camera zooms saying "Surrounded by such friendship, I feel no need for my guards."

Intro: Lutan walks in protected by Ligonian guards then he signals them away, and says "May I also extend a personal farewell to Lieutenant Yar? In your Federation terms."

Neutral: Ligon Crossbow: Lutan fires a Ligonian crossbow at his opponent. If hit, the opponent is poisoned for 7 seconds.

Side: Axe of Abala: Lutan throws an axe like a boomerang at his opponent.

Up: Spear of Tanzania: Lutan uses his long spear and swings it three times whilst jumping.

Down: Maheshi Spear: Lutan pierces his spear into his opponent, then pulls him/her close and headbutts the opponent.

Hyper Smash: Rahu Spark: Lutan spins his spear wildly and plants it in the ground, he then makes earthly spikes sprout up to pierce his opponent.

Final Smash: Akamuti Performance: Lutan pulls out two axes and says "Let's test your skill!" then dances while he does 15 axe slashes to his opponent.

Victory 1: Lutan thrusts his spear forward five times, then swings it upward, then thrusts his hand saying "Honour is everything."

Victory 2: Lutan pierces a Ligonian knife and makes a slight cut to his hand with it saying "This is not an act of war, but of love."

Victory 3: Lutan throws two axes then catches them, then brings the axes to his feet saying "You have already lost this contest." then his guards cheer.

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