English: Chris Rager

Japanese: Takashi Hikida

French: Benoit Allemane

German: Leon Aubrecht

Arabic: George Tawil

Mandarin Chinese: Zhang Ge

Rival: Miranda X

Second Rival: Vinsmoke Reiju (Reiju, from One Piece)

Idle: Zampano kneels with a hand on his knee.

Select: Zampano changes into his boar-like chimera form saying "We'll need you to come with us; Mr. Kimblee is waiting for you."

Intro: Zampano runs in and shifts to his chimera form saying "Let's just see how this plays out!"

Neutral: Boar-q-pine Spike: Zampano shoots his spines at his opponent.

Side: Warthog Hammer: Zampano slides to his opponent and rams his head upwards.

Up: Boar Shaver: Zampano kicks upward then roll jumps into the air.

Down: Brazen Pig: Zampano jumps back then dives downward ramming his forearms.

Hyper Smash: Spine Gattling: Zampano roars then shoots his spines like pellets in multiple directions. Stops his barrage after 8 seconds.

Final Smash: Warthog Motives: Zampano does a spinning punch. If he hits, he swoops to the side of his opponent and kicks him/her in the face, then swings his head to bash his opponent. Zampano then finishes by shooting some of his spines into his target's face, blowing the target away.

Victory 1: Zampano shifts back to his human form and pulls out some glasses saying "Too rough for you around the edges?"

Victory 2: Zampano shoots spines out of his back making a shower of spines and says "Straight to the point!"

Victory 3: Zampano punches his hands together and says "You're face looks bloodied from my spines." He then runs off like a boar with a roar.

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