English: Bradley Cooper (style of Dirk Benedict)

Japanese: Kenyu Horiuchi

French: Yves Soutiere

German: Fabian Harloff

Arabic: Melhem Zein

Mandarin Chinese: Li Jianyi

Rival: Simon P

Second Rival: Karim Flam (from Fire Force)

Idle: Faceman Peck checks out a tanto blade.

Select: Faceman Peck sets an MK46 on his tanto as the camera zooms saying "I lie, I cheat, I steal, and I just don't get any respect!"

Intro: Faceman jumps out of a crashing helicopter and says "Sherman Oaks neighborhood watch and parent patrol."

Neutral: MK46: Faceman Peck shoots his MK46 in a 3-round burst at his opponent.

Side: Oboro Flash: Faceman Peck dashes through slashing his tanto. If he hits, he cuts the opponent with a delayed effect.

Up: Eyeburn Zamatsu: Faceman Peck jumps into the air swinging his tanto two times above himself.

Down: 5-way kunai: Faceman Peck takes out five kunai and throws 3 in front and two behind.

Hyper Smash: Kiss Blaster: Faceman Peck coats his nanto with blood and swings it make an energetic lips shape. He then touches the ground and ignites it damaging his opponents.

Final Smash: Ride the Bomb: Faceman Peck has a fighter jet fly at his opponent. If it hits, a cinematic plays where the opponent is on an open field and sees to his/her surprise, a bomb falling out of the sky and being commandeered by Faceman who's making whooping noises. Seconds later, the bomb hits the opponent causing a big mushroom cloud.

Victory 1: Faceman Peck fixes his hair, shoots his MK46 and says "Uh, would you mind not using words like 'full of holes', 'shot down;' I mean, it conjures up such a negative image."

Victory 2: Faceman Peck swings his MK46 around then fires into the air saying "Oh, just like I dreamed it would be!"

Victory 3: Faceman Peck spins his tanto and thrusts it then shoots his MK46 in a half-circle in front saying "That'll cost a lot for the repair bill."

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