English: Jovan Jackson

Japanese: Takaya Kuroda

French: Franck Adrien 

German: Daniel Welbat 

Arabic: Imad Feghaly

Mandarin Chinese: He Zhang

Rival: Mopatop

idle: Holds a tongue to his combat knife.

Select: Licks his knife as the camera zooms then does an uppercut saying "If you ask me, the people playing the game are the sane ones."

Intro: Masashi Miyamoto cuts down a doorway with his knife and says "The knife's the first thing most people go for!"

Neutral: Red Knife: Masashi swings his combat knife sending a red slash of enegry forward.

Side: Dragon Teeth Knife: Masashi does a gut punch then an energy upwards knife slash.

Up: Crunch Knife: Masashi jumps into the air swinging his elbow then jams his knife forward.

Down: Blood Knife: Masashi taps his knife waiting for his opponent to strike. When they try to do so, Masashi slips behind and slashes the opponent's chest causing blood to spurt out.

Hyper Smash: Terrorist Knife: Masashi roars with rage then slowly brings his combat knife to his sword and then jams it powerful to give an unblockable stab and blow the opponent back.

Final Smash: Knife and BIM: Masashi runs at the opponent and if he connects does three hard slashes with his knife, then throws his Cracker BIM onto the opponent. The opponent tries to get the BIM off but it goes off giving firecracker-like explosions.

Victory 1: Masashi thrusts his knife three times then does two kicks saying "I won't let you die easily!"

Victory 2: Masashi cuts one of his fingers and says "Welcome to your final battlefield."

Victory 3: Masashi sheathes his knife and sets his hands on his waist saying "Give me a more decent fight once you've trained more."

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