English: Austin Tindle

Japanese: Takashi Kondo

French: Vincent Ribeiro

German: Johannes Semm

Arabic: Maxim Khalil

Mandarin Chinese: Sun Dahai

Rival: Koharu

Idle: Holds a hand in his right pocket.

Select: Pulls out an M1911 and brushes his hair as the camera zooms saying "I've been waitin' for this."

Intro: Breaks out of a crate and says "The kid dies, you die."

Neutral: M1911 Shootdown: Avilio shoots his M1911 forward, then downward, then upward.

Side: Lead Pipe Rush: Avilio runs forward ramming a lead pipe into his opponent.

Up: Statue Smash: Avilio spin kicks along the ground then jumps high kicking two times.

Down: Fire Bomb: Avilio throws a burning bottle at his opponent.

Hyper Smash: Rushing Boxer: Avilio rushes forward doing wild hooks 11 times, then headbutts his opponent away.

Final Smash: Drive-By Shooters: Avilio runs off then seconds later, a car drives in with Avilio and some hitmen in the car chasing the opponent while raining machine gun fire on him/her.

Victory 1: Avilio thumbs downs then says "The whole world has gone mad."

Victory 2: Avilio looks at a picture of his family and says "Friendship is a more reliable tool than a knife.”

Victory 3: Avilio knee kicks then crosses his forearms saying "A raison d'etre gives a person power.”

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