English: Peter Capaldi (now that Stuart Townsend retired)

Japanese: Hiroshi Yanaka

French: Martin Watier

German: Benjamin Völz

Arabic: Ahmad Al Ahmad

Mandarin Chinese: Matthew Liang

Rival: Underdog

Second Rival: Joe Patroni (from Airport)

Idle: Dorian Gray stands with his back to his ever-aging portrait.

Select: Dorian cuts himself on his hand and the wound closes as the camera zooms saying "I've lived long enough to see the future become history, Professor. Empires crumble. There are no exceptions."

Intro: Dorian Gray kicks down a door and says "We'll be at this all day!"

Neutral: Lion: Dorian Gray throws two sabers at his opponent.

Side: Rhino: Dorian Gray runs at his opponent and claws his hand into his opponent, then if he connects, clutches the ribs and does a hard saber slash.

Up: Sparrow: Dorian Gray jumps into the air doing four criss-cross slashes with his saber.

Down: Possum: Dorian Gray fakes an injury to trick his opponent. If his opponent attempts to strike, Dorian slips behind and breaks the opponent's arms.

Hyper Smash: Sidewinder: Dorian Gray polishes his sword then does six powerful dashing slashes.

Final Smash: Suntiger: Dorian Gray appears to suffer an injury saying "Goodbye cruel world...!" and drops down seemingly dead. But if the opponent tries to hit him/her, Dorian Gray smirks awake and knocks his opponent into the air and does 50 wild saber slashes to his opponent, then cuts the opponent down the middle blowing him/her away. If the opponent does not strike within 15 seconds, Dorian Gray simply throws some dynamite at his opponent.

Victory 1: Dorian Gray gets shot ten times, but gets back up saying "If that had been permanent, I'd have been very upset!"

Victory 2: Dorian Gray brushes his hair and swings his saber two times saying "I'm complicated."

Victory 3: Dorian allows an enemy soldier to cut his face, but Dorian himself heals his injuries and snaps the punk's neck then says "It's going to make more than that."

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