English: Gotz Otto

Japanese: Kenichi Morozumi

French: Emmanuel Curtil

German: Gotz Otto

Arabic: Abdel Moneim Amiry

Mandarin Chinese: Mu Bao

Rival: Cmdr. Koenig

Idle: Holds a chakra torture kit.

Select: Does a clothesline then licks a torture knife as the camera zooms saying "Make him feel uncomfortable."

Intro: Stamper walks out an airtight door and says "You know, they're wondering why the torpedo hasn't exploded."

Neutral: Exploding Knife: Stamper throws a red knife at his opponent. If it hits, it causes a terrific explosion.

Side: Rib Squisher: Stamper jams his hand into his opponent, then dislocates their ribs before kicking them away.

Up: Razor Sharp Heel: Stamper jumps high into the air and comes down swinging his heel like a sword.

Down: Screwdriver: Stamper uses a handheld drill to pierce through his opponent.

Hyper Smash: M60E3: Stamper pulls out an M60E3 and fires all bullets in front of him.

Final Smash: Torture Methods: Stamper shoulder rams his opponent, then takes out sharp instruments from a torture kit. He then begins to cut into the opponent, making blood fountain up from them. He then shoots his opponent in the eyes killing them.

Victory 1: Stamper cracks his knuckles and says "I owe you an unpleasant death."

Victory 2: Stamper punches then shows an explosive saying "How would you like to go, feind? Burned, tortured, or shot?"

Victory 3: Stamper punches his fists together and says "Carver's going to make you a star... posthumously."

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