English: Ian Moore

Japanese: Takuya Eguchi

French: Martial Leminoux

German: Konstantin Graudus

Arabic: Adel Abu Hassoun

Mandarin Chinese: Gao Xudong

Rival: Anna Banana (Ayumu Banana)

Second Rival: Vernon Demerest (from Airport, the disaster movie from the 1970s)

Idle: Sits on a crate holding a Smith & Wesson Model 10 pistol.

Select: Rolls towards the camera and aims his pistol saying "Between this and the recipe, you'd have Lawless on ya' plate."

Intro: Jumps out of a mafia car and says "If I just GAVE you the recipe, you wouldn't need me."

Neutral: Model 10: Nero Vanetti fires his Smith & Wesson Model 10 at his opponent.

Side: Baseball Slaughter: Nero Vanetti takes a baseball bat and swings it diagonally two times then swings it left.

Up: Fire Poker: Nero Vanetti jumps into the air and comes down piercing a fire poker onto his opponent.

Down: Barrel Kick: Nero Vanetti kicks a barrel and it rolls forward to damage his opponent.

Hyper Smash: Dynamite Fireworks: Nero Vanetti throws a bundle of lit dynamite sticks. 9 seconds after they land, the dynamite bundles go off like fireworks damaging the opponent. Should the opponent hit the dynamite, it will also go off.

Final Smash: Vanetti Execution: Nero Vanetti runs to his opponent. If he hits, he pulls out a beer bottle saying "Relax, friend. We're not gonna hurt you..." then smirks and shatters the bottle in the opponent's face. Nero then says "I'm just gonna kill you!" then fires a Tommy Gun at his opponent, damaging the ribs. He then knee kicks the opponent and finishes by taking a chair, and smashing it in the opponent's jaw blowing the opponent away.

Victory 1: Nero Vanetti takes a bow and fires his Model 10 saying "A family that can't protect their own turf has no future."

Victory 2: Nero Vanetti spreads his hands saying "There's another saying: "God helps those who help themselves."

Victory 3: Nero Vanetti throws a beer bottle and says "You're jumpin' in shadows, pal!"

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