KenseiMa 01
English: Vic Mignogna

Japanese: Issei Futamata

French: Pierre Lognay

German: Felix Mayer

Arabic: Saad Hamdan

Mandarin Chinese: Chen Youwen

Rival: Rockn

Second Rival: Yamaneko Arthur (from Million Arthur)

Idle: Kensei Ma reads through an erotic Japanese girls magazine.

Select: Kensei Ma does a jumping wheel kick towards the camera saying "Indeed, without our Miu, we'd be a pathetic bunch of martial arts masters."

Intro: Kensei Ma punches through a brick wall saying "I won't let you get a hit in."

Neutral: Sotenshu: Kensei Ma does a powerful palm push that knocks his opponent off balance. A second blows them back. He can also deflect projectiles with this.

Side: Shintōsuikyōshō: Kensei Ma gets in close to his opponent then thrusts his arms straight at the opponent.

Up: Shin Senpuu San Un Tou Kyaku: Kensei jumps up and spins in midair, delivering a powerful series of kicks in every direction while he is spinning around.

Down: Sha Gi Shou Jin: Kensei Ma taunts "Try something in defense." If he gets hit, his body automatically bows down and gives the opponent a powerful headbutt.

Hyper Smash: Ma Style Sentsuu Shintoushou: Kensei strikes his fist forward in a fast manner while striking through four opponents leaving a powerful shockwave piercing his opponents.

Final Smash: Ma-Style Kū-Unju: Kensei Ma scrubs the opponents muscles breaking their bones in the process and shreds them apart.

Victory 1: Kensei Ma swings his hands like scrubbing and says "The party's over for you."

Victory 2: Kensei Ma kicks upward then says "If I didn't hold back, you would be plastered to the wall in blood."

Victory 3: Kensei takes out a perverted furryfighter magazine saying "Oh ho ho ho! I'm in love!"

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