English: Gary Oldman

Japanese: Hochu Otsuka

French: Stephane Pelzer

German: Marcus Off

Arabic: Hassan Mahdi

Mandarin Chinese: Zhen Zhang

Rival: Mari Kurihara

Idle: Reznov down at his knife.

Select: Reznov pulls a PPSh-41 and fires into the air, then punches saying "The only thing that keeps me alive is the thirst for vengeance."

Intro: Reznov jumps out of a bush and says "The Germans hang their cowards from trees."

Neutral: PPSh-41: Reznov pulls out his PPSh-41 and fires it forward. If he uses 71 rounds, he needs to reload.

Side: Molotov Cocktail: Reznov throws a burning Molotov cocktail at his opponent.

Up: Guillotine Punch: Reznov jumps into the air and comes down punching his hands like a guillotine.

Down: Crusher Punch: Reznov advances forward while doing five quick hooks.

Hyper Smash: Air Support: Reznov throws a flare and a Russian fighter pilot says "Understood, taking out targets! URA!" then Russian fighter jets riddle the stage with machine guns and and rockets trying to hit the opponent.

Final Smash: Death Machine: Reznov pulls out the Death Machine gun and says "RAISE HELL!!!" then fires it wildly at his opponent. He can walk around the stage while firing. After using all 999 rounds, Reznov kicks the gun away.

Victory 1: Reznov runs forward and shoots his Tokarev TT-33 at two enemy soldiers. He then says "Once again, I cheat death."

Victory 2: Reznov thrusts his knife, then shoots his PPSh-41, then sets the machine gun on his shoulder saying "Ura! Never lose faith, my friends, NEVER!"

Victory 3: Reznov circles his hands and does six boxing jabs, then flies a Russian flag saying "For honor! For vengeance! For Russia!!!"

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