English: Edward Bosco

Japanese: Kazuhiko Inoue

French: Eric Peter

German: Stefan Gossler

Arabic: George Tawil

Mandarin Chinese: Li Shiyang

Rival: Bertram

Second Rival: Bertram (from Fire Emblem)

Idle: Jason Hudson shows a file of a subject.

Select: Jason Hudson shoots a CZ75, then pulls out an AUG rifle and shoots five rounds as the camera zooms saying "I know when you're lying."

Intro: Jason Hudson jumps out of a helicopter and says "Mason's still dark. We'll work our way through the research facility and extract Steiner."

Neutral: AUG: Hudson pulls an AUG assault rifle and fires a four round burst. 30 rounds after usage, he needs to reload.

Side: Explosive Crossbow: Hudson shoots an explosive bolt from his crossbow.

Up: Number Cruncher: Hudson does two somersault kicks while jumping.

Down: Shotgun Basher: Hudson does three spin kicks, then fires a SPAS-12 shotgun.

Hyper Smash: Beatdown: Hudson tackles his opponent then says "Think about what you have to lose." then punches his opponent's face 9 times, then readies his AUG rifle saying "What do the numbers broadcasts mean?" The opponent defiantly tries to charge at Hudson, but is riddles with five bullets and blown away.

Final Smash: Thorough Interrogation: Hudson does a hard kick to his opponent's gut. If he hits, he asks "Where are you from?" It basically means what universe is his opponent from. If he/she gets a wrong answer, Hudson shrugs and pistol whips his opponent on the skull. Hudson then asks "What was the last known thing you did?" This question means what accomplishments the opponent did in their home series. If wrong, Hudson says "Did you read a book, damn it?!" then fires his AUG at his opponent's chest fracturing the ribs. Hudson then asks "What do the Numbers broadcast mean?" It means the question of what the Numbers broadcast would do in Call of Duty: Black Ops. If wrong, Hudson presses a button and sends a painful electric charge. As the opponent is blown away, Hudson says "Don't fuck with me!" If the opponent gets an answer right, Hudson says "You bought yourself some time."

Victory 1: Hudson crosses out his opponent's file and says "Yeah, I got it."

Victory 2: Hudson polishes his CZ75 and says "You can stop all this now."

Victory 3: Jason Hudson fixes his glasses and says "At least you won't be causing trouble for a while."

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