• AquaPazza-Yu Inagawa
    English: Tiffany Grant

    Japanese: Kaoru Morota

    French: Clara Soares

    German: Ghadah Al-Akel

    Arabic: Carmen Soliman

    Mandarin Chinese: Chen Xiaoyue

    Rival: Mindy Melendez

    Second Rival: Majic Lin (from Sorcerous Stabber Orphen)

    Idle: Spins a doujinshi book.

    Select: Pulls out a paper fan as the camera zooms saying "Let's go WHAM and BAM and WOOHOO!"

    Intro: Yu Inagawa walks through curtains with her paper fan and says "Did someone call me?! Yu Inagawa is here!" ("Puszta, Puszta, Einsam wie die Ewigkeit aha. Puszta, Puszta, Es ist schon so lange Zeit aha." vs. Mindy Melendez)

    Neutral: Cut the Crap!: Yu swings a giant fan down, hitting the opponent if she is close enough. This can also deflect projectiles.

    Side: Pen of the Gods: Yu swings her pen criss-cross six times, then swings it.

    Up: Call Me Anytime!: Yu flies up swinging her giant fan.

    Down: Take a Closer Look!: Yu Inagawa thrusts her fan then slaps her doujinshi book on the opponent two times.

    Hyper Smash: Art of the Gods: Yu Inagawa spins her pen then does ten criss-cross attacks with her pen and finishes with two thrusts.

    Final Smash: Doujinshi Lock: Yu Inagawa takes her pen and says "Got a nice lock for you!" Then runs to the opponent. If she hits, she writes a sexy picture of herself and the words "Cannot harm Inagawa!" onto the opponent, then fan slaps her opponent away. This leaves the opponent with a twenty second safety lock so he/she can't attack.

    Victory 1: Yu Inagawa draws a picture of a dog and says "Don't sweat the small stuff, kid."

    Victory 2: Yu Inagawa swings her giant fan and says "Just might be my masterpiece."

    Victory 3: Yu Inagawa puts her pen in her pocket and says "Sorry, I can't sell you a copy of my doujinshi!"

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    • 1. Apart from¬†Peanuts, Strange Magic, and Alvin and the Chipmunks, what franchises do you wish to do for Tourney?

      2. Any word on your next Tourney 1 character and his/her default rival?

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    • 1. Carmen Sandiego (I like the Netflix tv show), Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, The Boondocks (I like the 2005 series), Cleopatra in Space, The Boss Baby

      2. Samanosuke Akechi from Onimusha

      Rival: Enishi Yukishiro from Rurouni Kenshin

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    • Any word on your next Tourney 2 character and his/her default rival?

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    • Scarlett from G.I. Joe

      Rival: Chloe from Disney Fairies

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    • The Disney Fairies Chloe is in Tourney 1, so Kaneda is gonna have to get a different Tourney 2 default rival...

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    • Then... I'll have to try... Lyria for Scarlett's Tourney 2 rival.

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    • I guess that'll do...

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    • A FANDOM user
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