• Bergkatse
    English: Edwin Neal

    Japanese: Yo Kitazawa

    French: Vincent Violette

    German: Marco Sven Reinbold

    Arabic: Raafat Maher

    Mandarin Chinese: Chen Zhe

    Rival: Jacklyn X

    Second Rival: Jenny (from Doctor Who)

    Idle: Berg Katse kneels with one of his bombs ready.

    Select: Berg Katse does a high kick and throws a Chikin Bomb as the camera zooms saying "Did you say you have Gatchaman?!"

    Intro: Berg Katse's Galactor henchmen prepare to fight, but Katse walks in sends them away and says "They may be the Gatchaman team, but they're still a bunch of kids that fell right into my trap!"

    Neutral: Chikin Bomb: Berg Katse throws a small grenade at his opponent.

    Side: Mutant Command: Berg Katse sends four of his henchmen out to fire on the opponent giving ten hits.

    Up: Chikin Kick: Berg Katse does a somersault kick.

    Down: Chikin Avoid: Berg Katse swiftly avoids all upper attacks.

    Hyper Smash: Masquerade: Berg Katse flies into a cartoony cloud and masquerades as his opponent for 40 seconds.

    Final Smash: Metal Call: Berg Katse gives a signal and has a large robot stomp on the opponent.

    Victory 1: Berg Katse changes into a butler and says "Care to wash off the blood, sir?"

    Victory 2: Berg Katse crosses his arms and his henchmen salute him. He says "No way to predict where I'll pop up."

    Victory 3: Berg Katse dresses in women's fashion and says "Everyone will have to wear Galactor fashion!"

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    • Any word on your next Tourney 1 character and his/her default rival?

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    • Yu Inagawa from Comic Party

      Rival: Mindy Melendez

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    • Ah, you finally showed up.

      Just a quick reminder, Mindy Melendez says "TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR! HOW I WONDER WHAT YOU ARE!" when fighting Yu Inagawa.

      I was gonna update the Tourney series rosters again, but before I do, can I ask you who will serve as your next Tourney 2 character and his/her default rival?

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    • Bronze Tiger from DC Comics

      Rival: Martha Jones from Doctor Who

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