• Kanamesudo
    English: Stephen Yu

    Japanese: Yusuke Kobayashi

    French: Maxie von Stantfoort

    German: Johannes Wolko

    Arabic: Hasan Hamdan

    Mandarin Chinese: He Zhiwei

    Rival: Paige the Paperdoll 

    Second Rival: Mr. Finch (from Doctor Who)

    Idle: Looks into his phone.

    Select: Reproduces his hands and pulls the camera to him saying "If you suspect I might be lying, why don't you take a look at the key for yourself."

    Intro: Particles form into Kaname Sudo who says "Go ahead, inspect it as MUCH AS YOU WANT!"

    Neutral: Beretta 92FS: Kaname Sudo forms a Beretta 92FS and shoots it four times.

    Side: Sigil Swords: Kaname Sudo uses his sigil to form a circle of swords. Pressing B again thens the swords flying at his opponent.

    Up: Sigil Hammer: Kaname Sudo forms a hammer using sigil and jumps high swinging it upward.

    Down: Hinokagutsuchi: Kaname Sudo materializes hands on his opponent to punch him/her in the face five times.

    Hyper Smash: 3 Skorpion Sting: Kaname shoots one of his Sa vz. 61 Skorpion machine guns, forward, then pulls out another and shoots behind him. He then spins out another and shoots all around himself.

    Final Smash: Risky Gamble: Kaname runs at his opponent. If he hits, Kaname challenges, "Can you guess which part of my body I'll use to deck you?" There is three choices. If the opponent guess right, Kaname smirks and says "You just got lucky." and the opponent is given an increase in attack and defense power. If they guess wrong however, Kaname bombards his opponent with bullets from his Beretta 92FS, then materializes two katanas using sigil. He then cuts the opponent six times, then uses his Hinokagetsuchi hands to pummel his opponent twenty times and blow them away.

    Victory 1: Kaname Sudo throws a second place medal down and says "Here's my take, it's real simple; No matter what path you choose to follow, if you're still alive when the game is over that's all you need to be the winner!"

    Victory 2: Kaname Sudo creaks his head and says "Congratulations, you get the runner up prize."

    Victory 3: Kaname Sudo rolls and shoots his Beretta saying "What is this place, a damn warzone?!"

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