A Star Knock-Out or Star Finish (abbreviated as Star KO) is a type of KO. When a character is knocked beyond the upper blast line, they fly through the background, yell/scream/say something/etc, and eventually disappear as a star. Screen KOs may happen in lieu of a Star KO in every game of the series, but it has a one in twenty chance of happening in the Tourney series.

Star KO screams and Star KO quotes

Tourney 1

Every veteran from Brawl has the same Star KO scream they used from Brawl (except Sonic, Pit, and Olimar, they have the same Star KO scream theu used from SSB4 and an original quote, respectively), and the Star KO scream used by Mewtwo and Young Link is the exact same Star KO scream they used from Melee. The Star KO screams/quotes of the veterans of SSB4 and the newcomers (and the remaining Brawl veteran) are listed below:

Tourney 2

All veterans from Brawl reuse their Star KO scream from Brawl (excluding Sonic, who reuses his Star KO scream from SSB4), while Mewtwo (his appearance from Pokemon X and Y uses the same Star KO scream as the regular Mewtwo), Pichu. Roy, and Young Link reuse their Star KO scream from Melee. Likewise, most but not all veterans from Tourney 1 reuse their Star KO scream/quote from Tourney 1. The Star KO quotes of the SSB4 veterans NOT in Tourney 1 and newcomers exclusive to Tourney 2 are listed below:

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