The Sound Player is an option that appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney. It allows the player to listen to most of the music and sounds in the game. Players can listen to the voices of characters, stage music, and listen to other variety of sounds. In Super Smash Bros. Tourney, you can access it through either the Vault, Option Mode, or Data Mode.

Unlockable sounds

In both games, some sound files of starter characters found in the Sound Player cannot be heard until certain requirements are met. For example, if the player wants to listen to Zekrom's "I wasn't wrong about you! And I'll take your hair if I want it, and you can't stop me!" the player must first unlock Rapunzel. However, if certain starter characters have a rivalry against an unlockable character and they have a special quote against another character and not just his/her rival, such as BJ's "There's a super giant wave coming behind us!" they are available right away.

Quotes from hidden victory poses also have a requirement before they can be heard in the Sound Player, unless that quote is a special intro quote. For example, Cyborg's "Don't mess with the best!" can only be heard in the Sound Player once the player wins ten consecutive Versus Mode matches with Cyborg.

Unused sounds

In Tourney 1, some sound files in the Sound Player are unused quotes that were initially planned. Examples include Cinderella's intro quotes against Eomer and Din, various Batman universe characters' game over quotes said to Sailor Moon, previously playable Soul Calibur character original quotes, the announcer saying the names of characters who were in Brawl but not Tourney 1 ("Lucario!" and "Toon Link!"), quotes that were going to be said on the character select screen but were changed (such as that of Yoshimitsu), etc. In Tourney 2, this hasn't changed a lot.

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