Smash Ball Messages are in every game of the Super Smash Bros. series. They show up whenever something is achieved whether it's unlocking a character or stage, or even unlocking an Award. Notices basically exclaim that the player has accomplished something and sometimes if a new stage/Award/character is available. In the Tourney series, these messages appear like the notifications on the Xbox 360, but with the Smash series symbol in lieu of the Xbox 360 orb; but unlockable characters and bonus costumes have separate screens just like in SSB4; but with an original message showing instead of "(Character) joins the battle!" showing.

List of Messages

Message requirement Smash Ball Message Reward
Unlock Waluigi You can now use Waluigi, the eternal understudy. Waluigi
Unlock Bobbery You can now use the pirate Bob-omb, Admiral Bobbery. Bobbery
Unlock Princess Presto You can now use Princess Presto, the Super Reader with spelling power. Princess Presto
Unlock H.R. Pufnstuf

You can now use H.R. Pufnstuf, who's your friend when things get rough?

H.R. Pufnstuf
Unlock Xiao Foo You can now use Xiao Foo, the schoolgirl who teaches Chinese and translates to her friend Big Bird. Xiao Foo
Unlock Robbie Rotten You can now use Robbie Rotten, will he ever find peace? Robbie Rotten
Unlock Swiper You can now use Swiper the Fox. You'll never find it now! Swiper
Unlock Clawdeen Wolf You can now use the Werewolf's child, Clawdeen! Clawdeen Wolf
Unlock Alpha Pig You can now use the Super Reader with alphabet power, Alpha Pig. P is for Pig! Alpha Pig
Unlock Phoebe You can now use the new girl in Frizzle's class, Phoebe Terese! Phoebe
Unlock Motoko You can now use 15-year old kendoka, Motoko Aoyama! Motoko
Unlock Kamen Rider Black RX You can now use Kotaro's second Kamen form, Kamen Rider Black RX! Kamen Rider Black RX
Unlock She-Hulk You can now use the female Hulk, otherwise known as the She-Hulk! She-Hulk
Unlock Donna-Alpha You can now use the girl who sank to her chest in a small swamp quicksand pit, Donna-Alpha. Donna-Alpha
Unlock Kaolla You can now use Molmol princess, Kaolla Su! Kaolla
Unlock Mojo Jojo You can now use Mojo Jojo, arch-nemesis of the Powerpuff Girls. Mojo Jojo
Unlock C-3PO You can now use C-3PO, one of the mose prominent droids of the Republic! C-3PO
Unlock JoJo You can now use the inquisitive and active six-year-old clown whose parents are famous circus clowns, JoJo Tickle. Keep an eye out for Goliath! JoJo
Unlock Kit You can now use Kit Kittredge, an up and coming reporter with an eye for drama! Kit
Unlock Oso You can now use Special Agent Oso. It's all part of the plan, more or less! Oso
Unlock Kamen Rider Black You can now use Kotaro Minami a.k.a. Kamen Rider Black! Kamen Rider Black
Unlock Geo You can now use Milli's Super Skate brother, Geo! Geo
Unlock Gigi Grant You can now use Gigi Grant, the sister of the now-reformed Whip. Gigi Grant
Unlock Matilda You can now use Crunchem Hall's kind student, Matilda Wormwood! Matilda
Unlock Koyata You can now use the possibly superhuman bandit, Koyata Kiga! Koyata
Unlock Gonzo You can now use the daredevil alien muppet, Gonzo! Gonzo
Unlock Candace You can now use Phineas's fifteen-year-old older sister, Candace! Candace
Unlock Clubber You can now use the man who once stole Rocky's title, Clubber Lang! Clubber
Unlock Genichirou You can now use Genichirou Izayoi, Kyoya's father and Aguni Rai's best student! Genichirou
Unlock Rehei You can now use skilled and courageous samurai and Sahara's friend, Rihei Ishizuka! Rehei
Unlock Clarissa You can now use Clarissa, she wants to tell you all about her life and battle entry! Clarissa
Unlock Shoujiro You can now use Shoujiro Ogura, Hirayama's pupil! Shoujiro
Unlock Hioki You can now use the highly skilled samurai from Kuranaga's dojo, Yasokichi Hioki! Hioki
Unlock Fozzie You can now use the not-quite successful bear, Fozzie Bear! Fozzie
Unlock Anakin You can now use Anakin, the father of Luke who would soon become Darth Vader! Anakin
Unlock Sally You can now use the little girl who was befriended by the Cat in the Hat, Sally! Sally
Unlock Devil Lady You can now use Devil Lady, the female Devilman! Devil Lady
Unlock Lagoona Blue You can now use Monster High swimmer, Lagoona Blue! Lagoona Blue
Unlock Ryoma You can now use tennis player, Ryoma Echizen! Ryoma
Unlock Shaak Ti You can now use Shili's Togruta Jedi master, Shaak Ti! Shaak Ti
Unlock Dan You can now use The Lovers user, Steely Dan! Dan
Unlock Omegaman You can now use the Chojin who can impersonate the dead, Omegaman! Omegaman
Unlock Keicho You can now use Okuyasu's older brother, Keicho Nijimura! Keicho
Unlock Neptune King You can now use Neptune King, Big the Budo's real identity! Neptune King
Unlock Miguel S. You can now use Mexican-and-Puerto Rican-American boy who is Maya's older twin, Miguel! Miguel S.
Unlock Barney You can now use IMF electronics and forgery expert, Barnard "Barney" Collier! Barney
Unlock Satan You can now use Samson Teacher, now known as the evil Satan Cross! Satan
Unlock Frosty You can now use Frosty the Snowman, the snowman who came to life via the silk hat of Professor Hinkle! Frosty
Unlock Tora You can now use the Ancient tiger yokai, Tora! Tora
Unlock Junkman You can now use the metal spiked Akuma Chojin, Junkman! Junkman
Unlock Ujiyasu You can now use the Lion of Sagami, Ujiyasu Hojo. Ujiyasu
Unlock Ramenman You can now use kung-fu Seigi Chojin, Ramenman! Ramenman
Unlock Gold Lightan You can now use the leader of the Golden Warriors, Gold Lightan! Gold Lightan
Unlock Robin Mask You can now use the knight-type Seigi Chojin from England, Robin Mask! Robin Mask
Unlock Ratchet You can now use Phineas T. Ratchet, the man who tried to take over Bigweld industries! Ratchet
Unlock Edgar You can now use the younger of the pranking twins, Edgar! Edgar
Unlock Shareena You can now use 12 year old Goth, Shareena! Shareena
Unlock Kinnikuman Great You can now use Kinnikuman Great, the alternate identity of Prince Kamehame! Kinnikuman Great
Unlock Loki You can now use Thor's wicked brother, Loki. Loki
Unlock Wolfman You can now use the sumo Chojin, Wolfman! Wolfman
Unlock Red Riding Hood You can now use the little Red Riding Hood! Red Riding Hood
Unlock Frida You can now use the wild kid, Frida Suarez! Frida
Unlock Mabel You can now use Dipper's twin sister, Mabel! Mabel
Unlock Specialman You can now use the football style Chojin, Specialman! Specialman
Unlock Zhang Fei You can now use Zhang Fei, Liu Bei and Guan Yu's third sworn brother, and one of the Five Shu Tiger Generals. Zhang Fei
Unlock Mongolman You can now use Ramenman's alternate form, Mongolman! Mongolman
Unlock Koga You can now use the Yokai Wolf Tribe leader, Koga! Koga
Unlock Geronimo You can now use Cherokee Chojin, Geronimo! Geronimo
Unlock Iris You can now use the cyclops girl, Iris. Iris
Unlock Iceman You can now use Bobby Drake, the Iceman! Iceman
Unlock Kenkaman You can now use Kenkaman, Neptuneman's former identity! Kenkaman
Unlock Arnold You can now use field trip protester, Arnold Perlstein! Arnold
Unlock Black Hole You can now use Black Hole, the dimensional Akuma Chojin! Black Hole
Unlock Martian Manhunter You can now use Martian Manhunter, one of the last Green Martians of Ma'aleca'andra! Martian Manhunter
Unlock Medusa You can now use the living hair inhuman, Medusa! Medusa
Unlock Eiji You can now use the only boxer to ever beat Ippo, Eiji Date! Eiji
Unlock Big You can now use Big the Budo, the Perfect Chojin formerly known as Neptune King! Big
Unlock Buzz You can now use Buzz Lightyear of Star Command! Buzz
Unlock Kinnikuman Soldier You can now use Ataru Kinniku's wrestling disguise, Kinnikuman Soldier! Kinnikuman Soldier
Unlock Carlos Ramon You can now use class clown, Carlos Ramon! Carlos
Unlock Sneagator You can now use one of the Akuma Knights, Sneagator! Sneagator
Unlock Kars You can use the Pillar Men leader, Kars! Kars
Unlock Kinnikuman Super Phoenix You can now use Kinnikuman Super Phoenix, one of the Five Fated Princes! Kinnikuman Super Phoenix
Unlock Merida You can now use Merida, warrior princess of DunBroch! Merida
Unlock Vicious You cna now use Vicious, blood thirsty member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate! Vicious
Unlock Takuma You can now use Takuma Saeki of the Kawai Boxing Gym! Takuma
Unlock N'Dool You cano use the blind Geb user, N'Dool! N'Dool
Unlock Tekkaman You can now use Joji Minami, a.k.a. Tekkaman! Tekkaman
Unlock Vanilla Ice You can now use Vanilla Ice, the last vampire of Dio's making and Stand user of Cream! Vanilla Ice
Unlock ALF You can now use the alien living with the Tanners, ALF a.k.a. Gorodn Shumway! ALF
Unlock Chirico You can now use ex-Red Shoulder Battalion member, Chirico! Chirico
Unlock Anubis Polnareff You can now use one of the heroes turned villains by Anubis, Anubis Polnareff! Anubis Polnareff
Unlock Nicole You can now use one of the half-witches, Nicole Chandler! Nicole
Unlock Gus You can now use one of the Robbo gang members, Gus! Gus
Unlock Sesshomaru You can now use InuYasha's older half-brother, Sesshomaru! Sesshomaru
Unlock Martha Monkey You can now use Martha Monkey, the silly monkey from Toyland! Martha Monkey
Unlock Beast You can now use Dr. Henry McCoy, better known as the Beast. Beast
Unlock Talpa You can now use the evil Dynasty Emperor, Talpa! Talpa
Unlock Madeline You can now use the smallest boarding school girl, Madeline! Madeline
Unlock E. Honda You can now use Street Fighter's sumo wrestler, Edmond Honda. E. Honda
Unlock Sango You can now use the last Yokai Taijiya survivor, Sango! Sango
Unlock M.O.D.O.K. You can now use M.O.D.O.K, master of the Mental Arts. M.O.D.O.K.
Unlock Guido You can now use the resident cool guy of the Samurai Pizza Cats, Guido Anchovy! Guido
Unlock Ulquiorra You can now use the 4th Espada, Ulquiorra Cifer! Ulquiorra
Unlock Yuri You can now use Kei's partner and the more feminine of the Dirty Pair, Yuri! Yuri
Unlock Mavis You can now use Mavis Dracula. Her bite is worse than her bark! Mavis
Unlock Shunsui You can now use the 8th Squad Captain, Shunsui Kyoraku! Shunsui
Unlock Hammer Bro. You can now use the hammer throwing Koopa, Hammer Bro. Hammer Bro.
Unlock Avdol You can now use Mohammed Avdol, the fortune teller and user of Magician's Red! Avdol
Unlock Iggy You can now use the dog user of The Fool, Iggy. Iggy
Unlock Captain Hook You can now use the most notorious pirate of Never Land, Captain Hook. Captain Hook
Unlock Wesker You can now use Albert Wesker, a former member of S.T.A.R.S. Wesker
Unlock WordGirl You can now use WordGirl, the education superheroine! WordGirl
Unlock Kakyoin You can now use Jotaro's old high school friend and Stand user, Noriaki Kakyoin! Kakyoin
Unlock Christie You can now use Ho Chi Myong's granddaughter, Christie Monteiro. Christie
Unlock Annika You can now use Annika, one of Pippi's best friends. Annika
Unlock Nemesis T-Type You can now use the giant monster, Nemesis T-Type. Nemesis T-Type
Unlock Toola You can now use the girl who woke after 300 years, Toola! Toola
Unlock Shuma-Gorath You can now use He Who Sleeps but Shall Awake, better known as Shuma-Gorath. Shuma-Gorath
Unlock Boomerang Bro. You can now use the boomerang throwing Koopa, Boomerang Bro. Boomerang Bro.
Unlock Pippin You can now use the sometimes thoughtless Hobbit, Peregrin "Pippin" Took! Pippin
Unlock Combot You can now use the Super Combot DX, but you can call him Combot. Combot
Unlock Veruca Salt You can now use the egg greedy Veruca Salt! Veruca Salt
Unlock Master Chief You can now use the super soldier, Master Chief. Master Chief
Unlock Theoden You can now use Theoden, 12th King of Rohan! Theoden
Unlock Scarecrow Man You can now use the brainless Scarecrow Man of Oz! Scarecrow Man
Unlock Tin Woodman You can now use the heartless yet friendly machine, the Tin Woodman! Tin Woodman
Unlock Cowardly Lion You can now use the Cowardly Lion of Oz! Cowardly Lion
Unlock Deathstroke You can now use the Teen Titans' greatest enemy, Deathstroke. Deathstroke
Unlock Mephisto You can now use Ghost Rider's greatest enemy, Mephisto. Mephisto
Unlock Cmdr. Kruge You can now use Cmdr. Kruge, the Klingon obssessed with the Genesis project! Cmdr. Kruge
Unlock Gomar & Shioh You can now use the Twin Noritta brothers, Gomar & Shioh! Gomar & Shioh
Unlock Odo You can now use Deep Space Nines changeling security officer, Odo! Odo
Unlock Kate Alen You can use racer and singer, Kate Alen! Kate Alen
Unlock Tubalcain You can now use Tubalcain Alhambra, the Millienium Dandyman! Tubalcain
Unlock Dormammu You can now use the Dread Lord, Dormammu. Dormammu
Unlock Elrond You can now use Rivendell's Half Elf ruler, Elrond. Elrond
Unlock Mr. Terrific You can now use Michael Holt, the second Mr. Terrific! Mr. Terrific
Unlock War Machine You can now use War Machine, one of Iron Man's best friends. War Machine
Unlock Yoshimoto You can now use Yoshimoto Imagawa. Head of the Imagawa clan of Suruga and best kemari player! Yoshimoto
Unlock Kenshin You can now use Kenshin Uesugi, the Dragon of Echigo and Shingen's rival. Kenshin
Unlock Violet Beauregarde You can now use the girl who injested the inflating gum, Violet Beauregarde! Violet Beauregarde
Unlock Orion You can now use one of the New Gods, Orion! Orion
Unlock Fire Bro. You can now use the fire shooting Koopa, Fire Bro. Fire Bro.
Unlock Sisko You can now use the Deep Space Nine Captain, Benjamin Sisko! Sisko
Unlock Toshiie You can now use Keiji's uncle and head of the Maeda clan, Toshiie Maeda! Toshiie
Unlock Oni You can now use an alternative form of Akuma, better known as Oni. Oni
Unlock Gen You can now use Gen, an elderly Street Fighter. Gen
Unlock McCoy You can now use Dr. Leonard McCoy, he's a doctor of the Enterprise and not much a fighter. McCoy
Unlock Taskmaster You can now use Tony Masters, better known as the Taskmaster. Taskmaster
Unlock Rip You can now use Rip van Winkle, member of the Millienium Werewolf special forces. Rip
Unlock Unknown You can now use Unknown, but watch out for wolf spirits! Unknown
Unlock Katara You can now use Aang's best friend, Katara. Katara
Unlock Sun Shangxiang You can now use the female Sun family child, Sun Shangxiang. Sun Shangxiang
Unlock Zasalamel You can now use Zasalamel. Does Anguish lie in your soul, too? Zasalamel
Unlock Plastic Man You can now select the criminal turned hero, Plastic Man! Plastic Man
Unlock Hawkeye You can now use Clint Barton, but you can call him Hawkeye. Hawkeye
Unlock Mad Hatter You can now use Jervis Tetch, better known as the Mad Hatter! Mad Hatter
Unlock Pang De You can now use Ma Chao's old friend from Xiliang, Pang De! Pang De
Unlock Sun Ce You can now use the Little Jiangdong Conquerer, Sun Ce. Sun Ce
Unlock AncientOgre You can now use AncientOgre, a fighting god. AncientOgre
Unlock Heinkel You can now use Heinkel Wolfe, a female member of the Iscariot Organization! Heinkel
Unlock Alphonse You can now use Alphonse Elric, Edward's man turned machine brother! Alphonse
Unlock Blanka You can now use Blanka, and he says you'd never survive in the jungle! Blanka
Unlock Betty You can now use Atomic Betty, Galactic Guardian! Betty
Unlock Elysium You can now use Elysium, Soul Calibur's living incarnation. Elysium
Unlock Grunty You can now use Banjo's arch-nemesis, Gruntilda Winkybunion. Grunty
Unlock Black Adam You can now use ruler of Kahndaq, Black Adam. Black Adam
Unlock Inferno You can now use the fire demon, Inferno. Inferno
Unlock Boromir You can now use Denethor's older child and Faramir's brother, Boromir! Boromir
Unlock Lars You can now use Alisa's partner, Lars Alexandersson. Lars
Unlock Ujutsu You can now use the blind swordsman of the Kimon Devils, Ujutsu Mujuro! Ujutsu
Unlock Blob You can now use the Blob. Don't let him crush you! Blob
Unlock Yurimaru You can now use the electricity user of the Kimon Devils, Yurimaru! Yurimaru
Unlock Zhou Yu You can now use one of Wu's early strategists, Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu
Unlock Thouzer You can now use Thouzer, the Nanto Emperor of the Nanto Roku Seiken. Thouzer
Unlock Shijima You can now use the shadow ninja of the Devils of Kimon, Shijima! Shijima
Unlock Hyou You can now use Kenshiro's older Hokuto Ryuken brother, Hyou. Hyou
Unlock Zakuro You can now use Zakuro, the gunpowder member of the Devils of Kimon! Zakuro
Unlock Rufus You can now use Rufus. You fought the rest, now you have the best! Rufus
Unlock Guile You can now use William F. Guile, but you can call him Guile. Guile
Unlock Gan Ning You can now use the former pirate and Wu General, Gan Ning. Gan Ning
Unlock Kaioh You can now use Kaioh, the Architect of the New Century and top Shura General of Hokuto Ryuken. Kaioh
Unlock Abyss You can now use the demonic Zasalamel, Abyss. Abyss
Unlock Edge Master You can now use Edge Master. Does Experience lie in your soul, too? Edge Master
Unlock Motonari You can now use Motonari Mori, the 52nd Mori clan leader and poet. Motonari
Unlock Seong Mi-na You can now use Yun-seong's best friend, Seong Mi-na. Does Trust lie in your soul, too? Seong Mi-na
Unlock Hilde You can now use the female knight of Wolfkrone, Hilde. Does Duty lie i n your soul, too? Hilde
Unlock Sam You can now use Frodo's good friend from the Shire, Samwise "Sam" Gamgee! Sam
Unlock Iori You can now use Kyo's age long rival, Iori Yagami. Iori
Unlock Indiana Jones You can now use Henry Walton Jones, Junior, better known as Indiana Jones! Indiana Jones
Unlock Inez You can now use the youngest of the Cybersquad, Inez! Inez
Unlock Ken You can now use Ken, one of Ryu's best friends. Ken
Unlock Magnus You can now use Magnus Von Grapple, one of Lord Crump's inventions. Magnus
Unlock Renji You can now use Byakuya's lieutenant, Renji Abarai! unlock Renji Renji
Unlock Dampierre You can now use Lord Geo Dampierre, also known as Le Bello. Does Mendacity lie in your soul, too? Dampierre
Unlock Kula You can now use Kula, ex-member of NESTS and a Kyo clone. Kula
Unlock Yumie You can now use Yumie Takagi, Heinkel's partner and deadly nun. Yumie
Unlock Marceline You can now use the gothic girl, Marceline. Marceline
Unlock Sosuke You can now use Sosuke Aizen, ex-Court Guard Squad member and leader of the Arrancars! Sosuke
Unlock Man-Bat You can now use Man-Bat, mutated bat form of Dr. Kirk Langstrom. Man-Bat
Unlock Goenitz You can now use Goenitz of the Wildly~Blowing Wind. He's back for revenge on the Three Sacred Treasures. Goenitz
Unlock Hakan You can now use Hakan. He says that Turkish wrestling RULES! Hakan
Unlock Scott You can now use Montgomery Scott, chief enginer of the Enterprise. Scott
Unlock Lizardman You can now use Aeon Calcos, but you can call him Lizardman. Does Resentment lie in your soul, too? Lizardman
Unlock Guo Huai You can now use Guo Huai, forever ill member of the Jin Dynasty! Guo Huai
Unlock Berserker You can now use Berserker, an elite knight from the Holy Roman Empire. Berserker
Unlock Uryu You can now use Uryu Ishida, a Gemischt Quincy! Uryu
Unlock Amy You can now use Raphael's foster daughter, Amy Sorel. Does Loyalty lie in your soul, too? Amy
Unlock Saisyu You can now use Kyo's father, Saisyu. Saisyu
Unlock Uhara You can now use USS Enterprise communications officer, Lt. Nyota Uhura! Uhara
Unlock Susan & Mary You can now use Johnny Test's two sisters, Susan and Mary Test. Susan & Mary
Unlock Oichi You can now use Oichi, Nobunaga's sister and Nagamasa's wife. Oichi
Unlock Sajin You can now use Sajin Komamura, the 7th Squad Captain! Sajin
Unlock Chad You can now use Karakura High School student, Yasutora "Chad" Sado! Chad
Unlock Thanos You can now use the extremely strong Thanos. He defeated everyone in the Marvel universe, but will he defeat you? Thanos
Unlock Tommy You can now use one of Pippi's good friends, Tommy. Tommy
Unlock Masamune You can now use the One-eyed Oshu Dragon, Masamune Date! Masamune
Unlock Shin You can now use Shin Kamiya. The stage has been set! Shin
Unlock Yachiru You can now use Yachiru Kusajishi, lieutenant of Squad 11! Yachiru
Unlock Night Terror You can now use the unstoppable Night Terror. Think you can beat him? Night Terror
Unlock Chekov You can now use Pavel Chekov, Russian navigator of the USS Enterprise. Chekov
Unlock Sajin You can now use Sajin Komamura, the 7th Squad Captain! Sajin
Unlock Kisuke You can now use Kisuke Urahara, owner of the Urahara Shop! Kisuke
Unlock Sgt. Calhoun You can now use Sgt. Tamora Jean Calhoun, from Hero's Duty! This powerful and pretty young lady will defeat anyone in her way! Lets see if she can defeat you! Sgt. Calhoun
Unlock Pip You can now use Wild Geese leader, Pip Bernadotte! Pip
Unlock Leixia You can now use a Young Lady Longing for an Adventure, that being Leixia. Leixia
Unlock Malebolgia You can now use Spawn's greatest enemy, Malebolgia. Malebolgia
Unlock Azazel You can now use Azazel, the final opponent of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. Azazel
Unlock Khan You can now use Khan Noonien Singh, the most evil tyrant of 1990s Earth. Khan
Unlock Megatron You can now use the Decepticon leader, Megatron. Megatron
Unlock Juggernaut You can now use the unstoppable Juggernaut. May the X-Men be angered by his powers! Juggernaut
Unlock Kyoto Castle You've unlocked a Blood Vengeance miracle! It's Kyoto Castle!! Kyoto Castle
Unlock Azazel's Chamber

Welcome to Azazel's Chamber! Azazel's been waiting for you!

Azazel's Chamber
Unlock an Award You have earned an Award. Well done! Various Awards
Unlock a Bonus Costume (Character)'s Bonus Costume has been unlocked! Various Bonus Costumes
Unlock the Pyrrha Ω Bonus Costume Pyrrha Ω has been unlocked! Pyrrha Ω as Bonus Costume
Unlock the Badly Damaged Alisa Costume Be careful when using Alisa's Bonus Costume! She got severely damaged in the Smash Bros. Tourney! Severely Damaged Alisa as Bonus Costume
Unlock all playable characters You can now use all Smash Bros. Tourney participants! Now the Tourney is really going to start! Nothing
Unlock all dossiers Every dossier in the game is now available for viewing! Nothing
Unlock all Bonus Costumes

You have earned every costume you could find! See what you can do with each costume!

Unlock all stages All stages have been opened up! Nothing
Unlock all trophies You have every single trophy in the game! Nothing
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