Super Smash Bros. Tourney Wiki
Universe The Legend of Zelda
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challengers
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume No Bonus Costume
English voice actor Sean Chiplock
Japanese voice actor Noboru Yamaguchi
French voice actor Herve Grull
German voice actor Dirk Petrick
Arabic voice actor Ayman Al-Salek
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Matthew Liang

How Revali joined the Tourney

100 years prior to the events of Breath of the Wild, Revali was the Champion of the Rito tribe. He was known as the most skilled archer of all the Rito and could fire Arrows with the speed of a gale.[5] Revali has the ability to create an impressive updraft that allows him to soar, later named Revali's Gale after him.[1] His weapon was the Great Eagle Bow.[5]

Revali was present during the ritual of Princess Zelda making Link her appointed knight in Link's first Recovered Memory. After Daruk commented on the depressing delivery of Zelda's speech,[6] Revali reminds Daruk that the "ceremonial pomp, grandeur, and nonsense" was his idea in the first place.[7] Revali then states his disapproval of Link until Urbosa tells him to stop.[8]

Later on, in Link's second Recovered Memory, Link visits Rito Village. Revali confronts Link and openly admits that despite wanting to stop Ganon, he does not like the idea of merely assisting Link just because he wields the Master Sword.[9] Revali believes he is more skilled than the young hero.[10] After gloating about how his abilities are superior, Revali suggests they compete one on one atop the Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[11] Revali then mocks Link for not even being able to make it there on his own and soars upward to Medoh.[12]

In Link's 15th Recovered Memory, Revali was seen with the rest of the Champions meeting Link and Zelda after her time in the Spring of Wisdom on Mount Lanayru. Minutes later, there was a loud rumble and Revali flew into the air to discover that Calamity Ganon had finally awakened.[13] At Daruk's command, he and the rest of the Champions hastened to their Divine Beasts.[14] Despite his best efforts, Revali was defeated by Windblight Ganon.[15] Like the rest of the Champions, his spirit was imprisoned within the corrupt Divine Beast for the next century.[16][17][18]

After Link's victory over Windblight Ganon, Revali is freed and gains a grudging respect for the hero.[19] He thanks and congratulates Link on succeeding where he has failed and acknowledges Link as a warrior worthy of Revali's Gale.[20] After Link leaves, Revali flies Medoh, landing on top of the giant stone perch above Rito Village. He sets Medoh's sights on Hyrule Castle.[21]

After Revali's future is changed by Teba, Revali learns to control his pride when he is challenged by Boscogn.

Character Select Screen Animation

When highlighted

Revali flaps his wings in midair.

After the announcer calls his name

Revali loops and fires his Great Eagle Bow as the camera zooms then says "Very few can achieve a mastery of the sky."

Special Moves

Bomb Arrow (Neutral)

Revali readies a bomb arrow. Adjusting R aims the shot, then pressing B fires the arrow causing a circle of flames.

Pheasant Winds (Side)

Revali unleashes a massive whirlwind, then releases into three smaller ones.

Revali's Gale (Up)

Revali flies up and fires an explosive set of arrows downward.

Pecking Locust (Down)

Revali flies around in a wind vortex, then fires a powerful bomb arrow on the ground.

Hatchling Barrage (Hyper Smash)

Revali flies at the opponent. If he hits, he flies around the stunned enemy four times while shooting arrows at him/her. He finishes with a shot that blows the enemy back.

Great Eagle Bombardment (Final Smash)

Revali readies his wings saying "Watch and learn!" and flies up spinning in a hurricane that hits enemies, then when he is higher, Revali says "You didn't stand a chance!" as he rains a bomb arrow that sets off multiple explosions.

Victory Animations

  1. Revali swings one of his wings to the left and says "How asinine!"
  2. Revali loops in midair and fires fivee arrows at enemies soldiers and the losers with Stamina KO cries. He then says "Satisfactory at best."
  3. Revali flies up and drops slamming his talons, then swings his bow saying "Heh. That's what happens when you mess with ME."

On-Screen Appearance

Revali flies down to his point and readies the Great Eagle Boy saying " think you can prove me wrong?"


  • Revali's rival is the commander of Chuder's Purple Rhino Knights, Boscogn.