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Universe Resident Evil
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challengers
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume No Bonus Costume
English voice actor Christopher Emerson
Japanese voice actor Shuhei Sakaguchi
French voice actor Benoit Dupac
German voice actor Valentin Stilu
Arabic voice actor Fouad Shamas
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Zhogn Shaoting

How Piers joined the Tourney

Piers Nivans is a member of the North American Branch of the BSAA in Resident Evil 6. He is a talented marksman, who served under Chris Redfield during the Edonian Civil War in 2012. On one of their missions, Carla Radames infects their comrades with the C-virus and turns them into mutants. Chris is knocked unconscious in the ensuing battle but is rescued by Piers. Chris becomes disillusioned and disappears after recovering. Piers tracks down Chris and successfully convinces him to rejoin the BSAA to avenge his dead comrades. They are deployed to Lanshiang, China and tasked to stop a bio-terrorism attack. The duo are eventually led to an underwater laboratory that is being used to create powerful bio-organic weapons. Piers is severely injured during their final battle with the B.O.W., Haos, and injects himself with the C-virus to continue fighting. After he and Chris manage to defeat the Haos, they then attempt to escape the laboratory during its self-destruction sequence, but after realizing that he is beginning to succumb to the C-virus, Piers seals Chris inside an escape pod in order to ensure his survival, while he stays behind during the laboratory's destruction to prevent himself from mutating any further, sacrificing himself in the process. Right before his death, Piers manages to save Chris from the still-alive Haos by killing it as it attempts to destroy the escape pod Chris is in. Chris honors Piers's memory by remaining with the BSAA (when before, Chris thought of retiring and leaving Piers in charge).

Character Select Screen Animation

When highlighted

Piers kneels looking at his MP-AF machine gun.

After the announcer calls his name

Piers fires his MP-AF then does a haymaker as the camera zooms saying "You're dealing with pros here."

Special Moves

MP-AF (Neutral)

Piers fires a semi-auto shot from his MP-AF machine gun. If he uses 30 rounds, he needs to reload.

Anti-Materiel Rifle (Side)

Piers fires a powerful shot from his Anti-Materiel Rifle. This round can pierce guards.

Double Kick (Up)

Piers jumps into the air doing two lift kicks.

Acid Grenade Launcher (Down)

Piers fires an acid round from his Hybrid Grenade Launcher.

Nivans Duel (Hyper Smash)

Piers aims a Desert Eagle at his opponent. If he/she is caught, this triggers a Western-style duel; any unarmed opponents won't have a chance. If Piers wins the duel, he shoots the opponent in the chest, stomach and heart, taking a life from the stock. This can be reverse if the opponent has a weapon.

C-Virus Piers (Final Smash)

Piers injects himself with a dosage of C-Virus and grows a monstrous fleshy clawed arm. Pressing A has him swing his claw three times. Pressing B has him shoot an electrical burst at his opponent. This wears out after 30 seconds.

Victory Animations

  1. Piers safeties his MP-AF and says "Nobody's expendable."
  2. Piers does a rifle butt whip saying "You know, I figured you'd be a little rusty, but it looks like all that training's kicking right in."
  3. Piers does two jabs then shoots his MP-AF and says "Don't get me wrong."

On-Screen Appearance

Piers gets out of a BSAA helicopter saying "What the hell were you thinking, pulling a kamikaze stunt like that?"


  • Piers' rival is the elder sister of Ryoubi and Ryouna, Ryouki.