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Penumbra aka penny by keanny ddy5jd9-pre.png
Universe DuckTales
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume None
English voice actor Jenny Bowen
Japanese voice actor Rie Takahashi
French voice actor Barbara Beretta
German voice actor Isabella Vinet
Arabic voice actor Nasrin Masoud
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Xiao Lian Sha

How Penumbra joined the Tourney

A Moonlander and Lunaris' most trusted officer. She is fiercely protective of the moon and its people. As such, she initially perceived Della as a threat; treating her with distrust and distaste despite her repeated attempts to win Penumbra's friendship.[57] Over time, she begins to warm up to Della and comes to disagree with Lunaris' manipulation of their people into war with Earth.[12] After Donald ends up on the moon and gets taken prisoner, she secretly frees him so he can help her stop Lunaris by destroying his fleet; in the process discovering that her commanding officer had planned to invade Earth long before Della came. Just as she gives Donald a transmitter to warn Earth, she's subdued by Lunaris and prevented from helping Donald further.[46] Despite what happened, she ultimately manages to send a warning to Della[110] and later assists her and her family in disabling Lunaris' engine.[59] Penumbra spent the following months trying to repair her ship and take her people back to the Moon, only to learn that they want to stay on Earth. While initially reluctant to do so as well, she was convinced after saving Webby and Dewey from the collapsing "Flintferris Glomwheel".

Character Select Screen Animations

When highlighted

Penumbra holds her spear un-easily.

After the announcer calls her name

Penumbra spins her golden spear and fires her laser gun as the camera zooms saying "Halt in the name of the Moon!"

Special Moves

Moon Laser (Neutral)

Penumbra pulls out her laser gun and fires a golden blast of energy.

Gold Assunder (Side)

Penumbra dashes forward spinning her spear and pierces forward.

Lunar Target (Up)

Penumbra jumps into the air scooping her spear, then does four spear slashes.

Oro Reflect (Down)

Penumbra spins her spear in front of her to deflect projectiles.

Golden Spear (Hyper Smash)

Penumbra roars and jams her spear into the opponent's foot, then does five wild punches, and finishes by swinging the spear across her opponent's face blowing them back.

Gold Ravage (Final Smash)

Penumbra holds her spear to her left shoulder, then moves forward while swinging her spear criss-cross twelve times, then does a pose and two vaulting kicks blowing the opponent away.

Victory Animations

  1. Penumbra sheathes her spear and pulls out her laser gun saying "Perhaps you're not so puny after all."
  2. Penumbra creaks her head and swings her spear saying "Watch your back, Earther."
  3. Penumbra spins her spear around her waist then thrusts her spear and lightly crouches saying "That's one less threat to the Planet Moon!"

On-Screen Appearance

Penumbra jumps out of a golden Spear of Selene clone and says "She's a liar, let's blast her...!"


  • Penumbra's rival is Mitsuhide Akechi's retainer who once served the Saito clan, Toshimitsu Saito.