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Zan Olwson.png
Universe DuckTales
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume No Bonus Costume
English voice actor Natasha Rothwell
Japanese voice actor Ayahi Takagaki
French voice actor Barbara Beretta
German voice actor Claudia Galdy
Arabic voice actor Anji Al-Yusef
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Dorothy Tsze

How Owlson joined the Tourney

Zan Owlson, full name being Suzanne Owlson, is a female owl and a character in the DuckTales reboot. She is a businesswoman who takes over leadership of Glomgold Industries in the absence of Flintheart Glomgold.

After the Moonlander invasion, Owlson sought to move out of Duckburg and start her own business elsewhere. Suddenly, she is whisked away from Duckburg and wound up on Sauria in the CloudRunner Fortress. Sadly, Owlson will have to work with adventure again especially with the Queen CloudRunner mistaking her for one of her own.

Character Select Screen Animation

When highlighted

Owlson looks through company notes.

After the announcer calls her name

Owlson activates her Zanpakuto voulge, Hunajame Maboro and spins it as the camera zooms saying "Hi, everyone! Happy to-"

Special Moves

Wind Money Tunnel (Neutral)

Owlson uses her Hunajame Maboro to make a tunnel of wind sending coins to pierce her opponent.

Community Dance (Side)

Owlson spins upside down using her voulge to cut up opponents.

Hoot Hop (Up)

Owlson hops into the air spinning her voulge around in a vortez of sharp winds.

Vaccuum (Down)

Owlson uses her voulge to pull items towards her.

No Elaborate schemes Today! (Hyper Smash)

Owlson takes a coffee break while shining. If not struck, she will gain back full health. But if anyone tries to hit her, Owlson flares up and says "Now you've done it!" and spins her voulge cutting her opponent in a windmill fashion. She then says "No elaborate schemes today!" then sends a blast of wind forward blowing back her opponent.

Multiple Owls (Final Smash)

Owlson makes four copies of herself and they rush towards the opponent. If they hit, one Owlson says, "Would you care to fill a slip for Change for Chicks?" and another angry Owlson says "Don't scheme against me ever!" Another Owlson flirts with the opponent and says "Come on, kid. Let's make out tonight!" The opponent falls for it when the real Owlson appears angrily behind the opponent and unleashes eleven devastating hits with her voulge. She blasts the opponent upwards in a tornado.

Victory Animations

  1. Owlson shows her stocks rising and says "It's time this company put people above profits."
  2. Owlson fixes her hair and swings the Hunajame Maboro voulge sending wind out and saying "It's just good business!"
  3. Owlson does two circular slashes with her Zanpakuto voulge and says "Time to clock out, friends."

On-Screen Appearance

Owlson slides to her point and readies her Hunajame Maboro Zanpakuto saying "It was one of the several points in the presentation I prepared for you, which I'm now realizing you didn't read. Great."


  • Zan Owlson's rival is the Queen CloudRunner, leader of the CloudRunner tribe and Gatekeeper of the CloudRunner Fortress.
  • Owlson's Zanpakuto Hunajame Maboro resembles a double voulge.