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Officer Francine
Zootopia logo.png
Universe Zootopia
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume N/A
English voice actor Elisa Gabrielli
Japanese voice actor Kana Uetake
French voice actor Marie Diot
German voice actor Iris Artajo
Arabic voice actor Jihan Al-Mullah
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Joyce Cheng

How Officer Francine joined the Tourney

Officer Francine Trunkaby is a female African elephant who works for the ZPD (Zootopia Police Department) in the 2016 film Zootopia. She has pinkish-gray skin, large green eyes and wears a dark blue Police uniform.

Francine is seen near the beginning of the film when Chief Bogo acknowledges her birthday. She appears to be very strong and somewhat playful as seen when she grabs a fellow officer and gives him a noogie.

A month after the Night Howler crisis, Francine is assigned to hunt a renegade Shinigami named Seigen Suzunami.

Character Select Screen Animation

When highlighted

Francine holds her trunk.

After the announcer calls her name

Francine swings her trunk going "Oh yeah?!" then gives a loud trumpet call as the camera zooms.

Special Moves

Peanut Machinegun (Neutral)

Francine shoots peanuts out of her trunk like a machine gun at the opponent.

Elephant Smash (Side)

Francine dashes forwards to grab a opponent. If it connects, Francine jumps and powerbombs them.

Diving Bomb (Up)

Francine jumps high into the air, then dives straight down.

Gut Shield (Down)

Francine checks her gut which makes her take less damage as long the button is held.

Trunk Takedown (Final Smash)

Francine lashes her trunk on the opponent. If she hits, she lashes the trunk on the opponent like a whipe fourteen times, then raises her trunk and thrusts it into the opponent, knocking him/her away.

Victory Animations

  1. Francine claps her hand-like paws together and says "I'm on top of the game!"
  2. Francine pats herself saying "That's another job for an elephant!" then gives a triumphant trumpet call.
  3. Francine wiggles her trunk and punches her right paw saying "Hooah! Feel a song coming over me!"

On-Screen Appearance

Francine gets out of a ZPD car saying "Right on time! Here's the elephant who will separate the ladies from the girls!"


  • Francine's rival is the former Squad 5 Captain, Seigen Suzunami.
  • Officer Francine Trunkaby shares her Japanese voice actress with Muk.
  • Officer Francine Trunkaby shares her French voice actress with Sarai Kurosawa, Mimi, Patra, Allison Whittington, Felicity Merriman, Rachel Alucard, Tsumugi Kotobuki and Alice Twilight.
  • Officer Francine Trunkaby shares her German voice actress with Gretel and Ingrid.
  • Officer Francine Trunkaby shares her Arabic voice actress with Shirayuki Hotogi.
  • Officer Francine Trunkaby shares her Mandarin Chinese voice actress with Eva.