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Universe King of Fighters
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challengers
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume N/A
English voice actor Ted Sroka
Japanese voice actor Kengo Takanashi
French voice actor Bruno Forget
German voice actor Daniel Gartner
Arabic voice actor Ayas Abu Ghazaleh
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Matthew Liang

How Nelson joined the Tourney

Nelson is a boxing prodigy that lost an arm after a terrible accident, but has been able to quickly return to the ring thanks to advanced robotic prosthetics. He fights to seize the world championship while hoping his fiancée will someday awaken from her coma. In the past, it is revealed that Nelson is responsible for Tizoc's harsh defeat and the reason for his heel persona, King of Dinosaurs.

In his team ending, his fiancée awakens from her coma. Nelson is completely unaware that the scientists who gave him a cybernetic left arm were responsible for his accident and attempting to use him as a test subject. Before he goes to see to his fiancée, Nelson advises his teammate, Bandeiras, to try and not scare people while advertising his new ninja school in Japan or else he may get himself arrested.

After learning the accident was caused by the scientists who gave him his arm, Nelson prepares to make them pay, but they threaten to make his cybernetic left arm public knowledge, threatening to ban him from boxing. On his way to meet his fiancée, Nelson runs into a raccoon named Sly Cooper.

Character Select Screen Animation

When highlighted

Nelson holds his right hand on his cybernetic arm.

After the announcer calls his name

Nelson does five hooks, then spins and does a straight punch as the camera zooms saying "Preps completed, let's go!"

Special Moves

It's Over (Neutral)

Nelson delivers two quick punches; a downward swinging hook & an uppercut that launches the opponent in the air.

Wrench Open! (Side)

Nelson charges up briefly to deliver a powerful straight punch that twists his cyber arm.

You're going down! (Up)

Nelson does two flicking jabs on the ground then two upeprcuts while jumping.

I will hit ya until you go down! (Down)

Nelson grabs, then punches the opponent repeatedly (7 hits) in the mid-section to finish off with an uppercut.

Invisible Punch (Hyper Smash)

Nelson stands still as he says "My fists, can you keep up with them all?" then releases a visually un-detectable punch that hits the opponent multiple times.

Victory Punch (Final Smash)

Based on his The King of Fighters XIV Climax Move. Nelson taps his feet in place saying "I'll grasp victory with these fists!" then rushes forward. Should he connect, he then punches the opponent repeatedly while circling around them. Nelson finishes the opponent with fierce uppercut as he says "I'm goin' all out, moron!" tossing them across the edge of the screen. He then raises his arms in victory.

Victory Animations

  1. Nelson sets his right hand to his mouth then raises it saying ""We did it, buddy!"
  2. Nelson raises his left arm and calls out "LIIIIIIIICCIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"
  3. Nelson does a right hook, then raises his left arm leftly saying "Wanna go one more round?"

On-Screen Appearance

Nelson walks in and points his left arm at the opponent saying "Get ready."


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