Universe Namco's Tales
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume None
English voice actor Wendee Lee
Japanese voice actor Saeko Chiba
French voice actor Caroline Combes
German voice actor Marieke Oeffinger
Arabic voice actor Carmen Suleiman
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Fang Da

How Nan joined the Tourney

Nan is mentioned by Karol Capel in Halure prior to meeting the party in person. The first encounter with Nan is in Caer Bocram, and it is at this time she fires Karol from the Hunting Blades. She is later seen inside the base when Gusios is released by Judith, following her sabotage of the barrier blastia. Nan later appears with the Hunting Blades in numerous places, including when they attack Belius at Nordopolica. She, alongside Tison, fight the party at Mt. Temza when Yuri Lowell and his group find Judith and later protect Ba'ul from the Hunting Blades. They retreat once defeated, later appearing when the group is attempting to convert the Entelexeia Gusios into a Spirit in order to fight the Adephagos. Nan is injured greatly and cared for by the group before they proceed to aid Tison and Clint against the out of control Gusios.

Character Select Screen Animation

When highlighted

Stands beside her chakram.

After the announcer calls her name

Nan throws her chakram forward then it returns to her and says "You're a person, aren't you?! how can you defend a monster?!"

Special Moves

Flying Blade (Neutral)

Nan throws her chakram at the enemy, which then flies back to her after some time.

Raptor Ring (Side)

Nan first flips, then sends her ring blade rolling along the ground towards enemy before returning to her.

Rending Slash (Up)

Nan flips herself in the air and slams her chakram down upon the target in a flash of glowing energy. This move traps her weapon in the ground for a short time and leaves her prone.

Whirl Slash (Down)

Nan twirls using her ring blade to cut enemies close to her three times.

Stalagmite (Hyper Smash)

Nan chants "Sharpen thy rage and run them through..." then summons a giant pillar of stone from below to damage enemies.

Soaring Raptor Blast (Final Smash)

Nan announces "I've had enough of you!" and spins rapidly, generating energy that harms all in its path, and then finishes with a powerful impact that blows away all targets around her.

Victory Animations

  1. Nan swings her ring blade around herself then hops saying "We don't know the meaning of retreat!"
  2. Nan vaults using her chakram and throws it around herself saying "That's one less monster in the world!" and catches her ring blade.
  3. Nan stands on one leg and twirls her ring blade saying "You should rest for a while."

On-Screen Appearance

Nan cartwheels to her starting point and catches her chakram saying "Doesn't matter, come on!"


  • Nan's rival is Nya the Water Elemental Ninja Master.
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