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  • I live in Canton, Michigan
  • I was born on October 25
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  • Some jerk named DarkUnknownWarrior asked me a question about Convict! You need to stop him!

    DarkUnknownWarrior's wall is here, please tell him to leave me be... :'(

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  • starting this morning, I'm gonna be taking a 3-day vacation to Columbus, Ohio for Matsuricon.

    until I get back... adieu.

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  • I will now ask for the English/Japanese/French/German/Arabic/Mandarin Chinese voices of Princess Vivian, along with her rivalry, idle pose, select pose, and intro pose. I plan on having her fight like one from Mortal Kombat. No, somebody from Dynasty Warriors! Maybe someone from Samurai Warriors? I'm at a loss, mate... I'll let you determine that part as you go...

    and once again, a second rival is required as well.

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    • English: Sabrina Carpenter
      Japanese: Chiemi Chiba
      French: Dominique Vallee
      German: Maria Koschny
      Arabic: Amal Saad Eddin
      Mandarin Chinese: JJ Jia

      Rival: Crossbone Gundam X-3
      Second Rival: ZGMF-X88S Gaia Gundam (Gaia Gundam) (also from Mobile Suit Gundam, first seen in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny)

      Idle: Taps a spear.
      Select: Spins the spear above her then does three slashes as the camera zooms. (And now the first non-Berserk character to use the Coborlwitz's known Bone-Shatter Tornado (Ganzansenpu) technique)
      Intro: A wooden door is cut down by Vivian's spear.

      one more thing, she'll fight like Adon Coborlwitz from Berserk

      and now... I'll tell you which Sofia the First characters will be in Tourney 2 if it will make moi happy of my typing their moves in... (subject to change)

      Calista (starter)

      Cedric (starter, may get a rival originating from Mobile Suit Gundam 00)

      Carol of the Arrow (unlockable)

      Aunt Tilly (unlockable)

      Queen Miranda (unlockable)

      Clover (starter)

      Lucinda (unlockable)

      Princess Clio (starter)

      Princess Hildegard (starter)

      Princess Jun (unlockable)

      Prince Zandar (starter)

      Prince Desmond (unlockable)

      Princess Elena (from the likely separate Elena of Avalor universe, starter, could get Julius from Berserk as her rival)

      Princess Isabel (also from Elena of Avalor, unlockable)

      Prince James (unlockable, may get Isidro from Berserk as his rival)

      Prince Hugo (may get a character originating from The Seven Deadly Sins as rival, starter)

      Miss Nettle (may get a character originating from The Heroic Legend of Arslan as rival, unlockable)

      Mia (starter)

      Robin (unlockable)

      Minimus (unlockable)

      Princess Ivy (unlockable, may get a Sailor Moon character as a rival)

      Shuriki (also from Elena of Avalor, starter, could get Locus from Berserk as her rival)

      Cora (starter)

      Cordelia the Conjuror (unlockable)

      Count Barnstorm (starter)

      Crackle (unlockable)

      Electra (starter)

      Crispy (unlockable)

      Migs, Luna, and Skylar (also from Elena of Avalor, starter)

      Chancellor Esteban (also from Elena of Avalor, unlockable)

      Naomi Turner (also from Elena of Avalor, starter)

      Mateo (also from Elena of Avalor, starter)

      Gabe (also from Elena of Avalor, starter)

      Indigo (starter)

      Glacia the Ice Witch (unlockable)

      Helen Hanshaw (unlockable)

      Grotta (starter, could get a Heavy Object character for a rival)

      Jasper (starter)

      Gnarlie (starter)

      Teeny (unlockable)

      Chief Gnuckles (could get a Fairy Tail rivalry, unlockable)

      Jane (unlockable)

      Lily (could get a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure rivalry, unlockable)

      Lulu (starter)

      Mamanu (could get a Fist of the North Star rival, starter)

      Mandy (starter)

      Marla (unlockable, could get a Mortal Kombat rivalry)

      Morgana (unlockable, may get a Naruto rival)

      Meg and Peg (may get a rival originating from Bleach, starter)

      Mossy (unlockable)

      Miss Elodie (starter)

      Oona (starter)

      Portia (unlockable)

      Praline (starter)

      Omar (starter)

      Princess Astrid (may get a Kung Fu Panda rivalry, starter)

      Princess Charlotte (could get a How to Train Your Dragon rival, unlockable)

      Princess Kari (starter)

      Princess Lani (unlockable, could get a rival from The Last Airbender)

      Princess Leena (starter, could get a rival from Mobile Fighter G Gundam (part of Mobile Suit Gundam))

      Princess Maya (unlockable, could get a rival from The Legend of Korra (part of the Last Airbender))

      Princess Zoeey (starter, could get a rival from Hunter × Hunter)

      Queen Avery (unlockable)

      Queen Cecily (unlockable)

      Saffron (unlockable)

      Sassofras (starter, could get a rival from Ice Age)

      Shelly (starter)

      Sir Jaxon (starter)

      Sir Finnegan (unlockable)

      Tizzy (starter)

      Whiskers (unlockable)

      Zuzo (also from Elena of Avalor, unlockable, may get a Dragon Ball rivalry)

      Wormwood (unlockable)

      Zinessa (unlockable, may get Irvine from Berserk as her rival)

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    • That's a lot of Sofia the First characters in the sequel!!!

      But worth the typing for you nonetheless.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Despite your previous warning, you have broken the rules yet again (making AndrewXDerby cry over the loss of his plans, and yelling at him non-stop). This is your last warning. If you continue these actions, you will be blocked.

    You made me so sad! I asked you to give me my plans back for Princess Vivian, and you didn't listen to me! And then you acted like I was playing mind games while in reality, I was upset for your ruining my plans forever! Please, apologize ten times for yelling at me non-stop, and acting like I was playing mind games! If you don't apologize ten times, mention anything about begging, or even yell at me... a grave fate will befall your account. :'(

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    • I just wanted Sofia the First characters that I can do on the Tourney wiki. I no longer care if I have to do just one on the first game... and I no longer care if I have to do them in Tourney 2...

      and I love Sofia the First so much...

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    • You can do them in Tourney 2 if you swear you'll never yell at me again! And give me the details of Princess Vivian PLEASE...

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  • I added Crimson Proton (Lana Richards, Sentai name ingame) from Kidsongs, Conker from Conker, and Patternista from The Odd Squad to Tourney 1 long ago, but they don't have rivals yet. You're gonna have to move three characters you've been dying to see in Tourney 1 from the second game to compensate...

    Btw, the select poses of Pink Proton, Crimson Proton, Conker, and Patternista will be based on the SFV select poses of M. Bison, Ryu, Rashid, and Necalli, respectively.

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    • Crimson Proton:

      Rival: Jaws from James Bond 007 (first seen in The Spy Who Loved Me)

      Second Rival: Rocco Lampone from The Godfather


      Rival: Sombra from Overwatch

      Second Rival: General Lente from Killzone


      Rival: Lutan from Star Trek (first seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation via the first season episode Code of Honor)

      Second Rival: Bret Maverick from Maverick (Maverick ingame, likely in Tourney 2)

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    • Got it. Btw, you'll need this for Finnick...

      Finnick Render2

      And for Aoshi, you're gonna need this...

      Rsz aoshiova
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • There's somebody here named Alex31505 here who is trying to hurt this wiki! PLEASE stop him!

    This wiki murderer's wall is here, please make him stop his abusiveness... :(

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  • I posted the notice for the start of Urien, and you didn't reply since the last three hours! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE WITHOUT TELLING ME AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!?!

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    • Milinda Brantini from Heavy Object (I may give her select pose resembling one from SFV)

      Rival: Gild Tesoro (Tesoro ingame) from One Piece (set to appear in One Piece: Film: Gold)

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    • Milinda Brantini's select pose, I've gotta see...

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Your plans before I blocked you said that your next Tourney 2 character was Havia Winchell from Heavy Object whose default rival was Keith Martin from Time Crisis.

    Your plans also said that K. Riley whose rival was Wormadam is the next Tourney 1 character you were gonna do.

    Agent Oscar from The Odd Squad is also in Tourney 1, as an unlockable character. Would you mind confirming his default rival, please?

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    • let's see... Liviana Charvanek (the Female Romulan Commander from the Star Trek episode, the Enterprise Incident).

      and Agent Oscar's second rival... Irina Komarov from Die Hard (which will be in Tourney 2 likely).

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    • Now if only I knew Liviana Charvanek's ingame name, and the weaponry that Agent Oscar will use...

      Btw, Agent Oprah, Agent Olive, Agent Orchid, Agent Otto, and Agent Octavia, and Dr. O use a spear-gadget, a machinegun and a sword, swords with machineguns, a cellphone that shoots lasers, an armcast with an umbrella, and a scalpel, respectively.

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    • Liviana Charvanek's ingame name is... Liviana.

      Agent Oscar can use... a Signature gun (the gadget from the James Bond film Licence to Kill) and a camera that shoots lasers.

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    • Got it. OH, and you'll need this...

      Kevin Riley

      You'll need this too...

      Heivia Winchell

      Until ALL of the characters on your list of old Tourney 1 characters (mechs if possible) you need to most do soon before you die of old age are completed, I won't update the Tourney 1 roster OR have you do any of my characters... except for Urien who will become available to SFV sometime next month (even though he's already playable in SFV's story mode, meaning A Shadow Falls).

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I do need to remind you that Karen White's rival is Grinexx. Also, would you mind confirming your next Tourney 2 character and his/her default rival?

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    • okay... Kuruk from The Last Airbender.

      Rival: Melissa from Rune Soldier

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    • whoever has Melissa from Team Umizoomi as a default rival must have that Melissa as a second rival, and that means Sanya Litvyak...

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • when you wake up, let me remind you that Perona's rival is Ms. Natalie. I hope you don't mind confirming your next Tourney 2 character and his/her default rival, as well as Nutmeg's default rival for Tourney 1 (btw, Nutmeg's Tourney 2 default rival is Skarlet from Mortal Kombat).

    OH, and Nutmeg's real name is Lacy Cavalier.

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