Super Smash Bros. Tourney Wiki
Universe The Last Airbender
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challengers
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume N/A
English voice actor Lisa Edelstein
Japanese voice actor Saki Fujita
French voice actor Anne Deleuze
German voice actor Andrea Aust
Arabic voice actor Gihan Elnaser
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Lin Yuanchun

How Kya joined the Tourney

Kya is the second of Avatar Aang and Katara's three children and their only daughter, as well as the couple's only waterbending child. As such, she always felt a stronger connection with her mother.

When Zaheer of the Red Lotus was defeated, Kya had sensed a transmission being sent out to the Red Dragons. Kya decided to investigate the Red Dragons and their leader, Daegon.

Character Select Screen Animation

When highlighted

Kya holds a serpentine water.

After the announcer calls her name

Kya lashes her water as the camera zooms saying "We're not airbenders."

Special Moves

Water Ring (Neutral)

Kya sends a ring of water at her opponent.

Geyser Drill (Side)

Kya forms a drill of high-pressure water.

Wave Dance (Up)

Kya surrounds herself with water and spin jumps into the air.

Gimbal Splash (Down)

Kya forms a water gimbal around the opponent and closes it on him/her.

Water Fan (Hyper Smash)

Kya forms serpentine waters saying "Stop telling lies." then circles it rapidly on the opponent rapidly hitting him/her.

Watery Meltdown (Final Smash)

Kya forms a whip of water saying "Amazing." then dances forward lashing the water whip thirteen times.

Victory Animations

  1. Kya blasts a water beam saying "Stop being so stubborn. It's not your destiny."
  2. Kya flips lashing some water then says "Wake us up if you need some company."
    • Kya flips lashing some water then says "Damn you for forcing me to resort to violence." (Daegon victories only)
  3. Kya spins water above herself saying "Woah! Since when does my little brother wanna crash or blast through anything?"

On-Screen Appearance

Kya rides a water wave to her point and says "We never should have come on this vacation."

Special Quotes

  • I told you those rock were slippery. You're lucky you didn't kill yourself. (When fighting Daegon)


  • Kya's rival is the brother of Taven and the Red Dragon leader, Daegon, and her second rival is a magic user with the power of restoration, Hatsuna Wakabayashi.
  • Kya shares her Japanese voice actress with Kajun Faycott and Elena.
  • Kya shares her German voice actress with Raine Sage and Luxray.
  • Kya shares his Mandarin Chinese voice actress with Cure Bloom, Shulk, Helibird and Kid Gohan.