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Virtua Fighter Logo 1 b.gif
Universe Virtua Fighter
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challengers
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume No Bonus Costume
English voice actor Charles Glover
Japanese voice actor Wataru Hatano
French voice actor Francois Bouttemy
German voice actor Tim Kneuer
Arabic voice actor Dany Boustany
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Wang Hsi-Hua

How Jean joined the Tourney

Following Goh Hinogami's defeat at the hands of Jacky Bryant in the Fourth World Fighting Tournament, he now gets his chance to prove his worth. He soon decides to target Lion Rafale specifically, unaware that they used to be childhood friends.

After being repulsed in the Fifth World Fighting Tournament, Jean seeks a worthy challenger; Leonhardt.

Character Select Screen Animation

When highlighted

Jean holds his left fist near his right arm.

After the announcer calls his name

Jean holds his left arm sideways and raises his right arm as the camera zooms saying "I'll tell you what the strongest martial art is… It's Karate."

Special Moves

Chinshin Seichuken (Neutral)

Jean swings his left arm into the opponent's stomach, then swings his right hand into him/her. Holding B can charge the last hit.

Kake'uchi~Maekeri'age (Side)

Jean elbow punches his opponent then does a lifting kick.

Koutaizuki (Up)

Jean does two uppercuts on the ground, then jumps into the air with an uppercut.

Kouyou Getsugashu (Down)

Jean does a knee kick, then a side kick, then a low kick

Kami Seichuken (Hyper Smash)

Jean slowly moves his right hand back charging ki, then gives a hard punch to his opponent that is unblockable.

Hakuretsu Bakudanken (Final Smash)

Jean runs to his opponent. If he hits, he punches his opponent's jaw, then does three kicks, then does two spin punches, then punches his opponent into the air, then finishes by double kicking him/her away.

Victory Animations

  1. Jean Kujo does a spinning kick, then does a jumping kick, then punches the ground, then raises his right leg and drops it, then punches outward two times, then steps back and thrusts his left palm out. He then says "I want a more refined match."
  2. Jean Kujo punches up, then punches straight, then side kicks, then spin jumps and sweeps the ground. He then spreads his arms saying "Looks like I'm the best after all."
  3. Jean Kujo hides his face behind his arm, then swings it up saying "Too bad for you," then points forward and continues "peasant."

On-Screen Appearance

Jean Kujo dives to his point and says "I'll pound you into foie gras!"


  • Jean Kujo's rival is the Sword Emperor and Legion Enforcer No.2 of the elusive Ouroboros organization, Leonhardt.
  • Jean Kujo shares his Japanese voice actor with Dr. Neo Cortex, Rufus, Kooper, MemoryBot, Howie, Gajeel Redfox, Cinder and Jaswant.
  • Jean Kujo shares his Arabic voice actor with Kevin Riley, Seth, Ling Yao and Takeshi Nanase.
  • Jean Kujo's select pose resembles Akuma's in Street Fighter V.