Being the Kirby of Smash Bros. Tourney, Irate Gamer has a standard attack of copying the opponent's standard special move. The copies are all weaker versions of the originals. This provides a detailed list of copied moves.

List of Plagiarisms

Character Plagiarised Details
Alisa He equipes a robotic hand, when it fired, it homes on himself and get damaged.
Heihachi He jumps akwardly and kicks twice, after this attack, he falls to his face, hurting himself.
Xiaoyu He tries to push the opponent away, but ended up falling himself.
AVGN Spits out a dynamite stick with "F" printed on it. Travels only 1/3 the distance of an F-Bomb.
Lee After he throws a boomerang, it comes back to its user and hurts him.
Nina He tries to shoot the opponent, but the bullets are empty.
Anna Thrusts his palm fowards, it has no knockback
Captain America He throws his shield, but falls slowly.
Hulk After the attack, he hurt his own hand while saying "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!"
Iron Man After he fired a laser, his chest badly hurts
Kyo His hand catches fire after the attack and he has to blow out the fire
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