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Huey, Dewey and Louie
Universe DuckTales
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume Classic Huey, Dewey and Louie
English voice actor Danny Pudi (Huey)
Ben Schwartz (Dewey)
Bobby Moynihan (Louie)
Japanese voice actor Tsubasa Yonaga (Huey)
Takuma Nagatsuka (Dewey)
Daiki Kobayashi (Louie)
French voice actor Emmanuel Garijo (Huey)
Alexis Tomassian (Dewey)
Donald Reignoux (Louie)
German voice actor Patrick Keller (Huey)
Christian Zeiger (Dewey)
Hannes Maurer (Louie)
Arabic voice actor Lena Dawa (Huey)
Amal Omran (Dewey)
Maxim Khalil (Louie)
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Wang Chenguang (Huey)
Cao Xupeng (Dewey)
Huang Zhenji (Louie)

How Huey, Dewey and Louie joined the Tourney

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck are the triplet nephews of Donald Duck, and the grand-nephews of Scrooge McDuck. They're the sons of Donald's sister, Della Duck who unlike the 1987 series appears here.

The episode "The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!" gives their birthday as April 15th. The final digit of the year is obscured out, but it was between 2000 and 2009, approximately 10 years before the show's events.

Huey (red): the eldest triplet (by 3 seconds). He's knowledgeable, nerdy, excitable, and is an enthusiastic Junior Woodchuck. Dewey (blue): the middle triplet. He's brave, adventurous, and loves to be the center of attention. Louie (green): the youngest triplet (by 48 minutes). He's laid-back, lazy, smooth-talking and loves money, but he is also sharp (seen in the episode "The Most Dangerous Game...Night!").

One day before the second tourney, Huey and his brother are invited to tour Extensive Enterprises by Tomax and Xamot. Huey and Dewey seemed excited, but Della and Webby are clearly suspicious of the Crimson Guard twins' motives.

Character Select Screen Animation

When highlighted

Huey and his brothers check out their weapons; Huey using a fire rod, Dewey using an ice rod, and Louie using a Spinner.

After the announcer calls their named

Huey sends a fire dragon out of his rod, then Dewey makes icy spikes and Louie rides his Spinner as the camera zooms to the three of them. Huey says "If it's not in the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook, then it's not a thing." then Dewey calls "We can Dewey it!" then Louie says "As long as you can talk, you can talk your way out. Trademark Louie Duck."

Special Moves

Fire and Ice Dragons (Neutral)

Huey and Dewey send fire and ice dragons respectively out to hit the opponent. The effect is lessened if Huey or Dewey is KO'ed.

Spinner Set (Side)

Louie kicks a spinner forward, setting it in front of him. If he hits another set spinner, it will be sent flying forward. Won't work if Louie is KO'ed.

Flare Shoulders (Up)

Huey and Dewey use their fire and ice rods to propel into the air, while Dewey uses his Spinner to

Ride or Die! (Down)

Louie jumps off of the spinner which grows to a large size, and then he strikes it to send it flying forward. The startup to this move creates a shockwave that will cause any set spinners to explode, launching enemies toward the attack.

Divine Duck Dragons (Hyper Smash)

Huey, Dewey and Louie pray to the fire and ice rods and form three duck-like dragons of fire, ice and thunder. These dragons quack roar then dive bomb the opponent.

Triplet Storm (final Smash)

Huey charges at the opponent. If he hits, a cinematic plays where Huey and Dewey send fire and ice out of their rods, then Louie clumsily rides his Spinner, ramming the opponent five times. The three say "Time to finish this!" and combine their weapons to shoot a powerful fire, ice and thunder beam blowing the opponent away.

Bonus Costume


Huey, Dewey and Louie hold possession of one Bonus Costume. That being their classic appearance from DuckTales 1987. To unlock, one must clear Classic-Adventure with Huey, Dewey and Louie. After Queen Nehelenia (or Super Queen Nehelenia)'s writhing in agony before exploding, the announcer will say "You've earned a new costume!" and a Smash Ball (appears on the lower-right corner) will appear with a message saying "Nailed it! You earned the triplets' Classic 1987 costumes!" Then, highlight Huey, Dewey and Louie and press Minus.

Victory Animations

  1. Huey pulls out his Junior Woodchuck Guidebook and says "the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook states victory is never easy to obtain." Dewey cheers, "At least we did it though!"
  2. Dewey spins on the ground and shakes his tail saying "Nailed it!" Huey tips his hat saying "Awesome shot, Dewey!" while Louie says "Now let's go for a pep!"
    • Dewey spins on the ground and shakes his tail saying "At least you two..." Huey tips his hat saying " a fascinating company..." while Louie says "...despite the fact you two are bad guys." (Tomax and Xamot victories only)
  3. Louie fiddles with his phone, then Huey gets his attention and says "More to life than being lazy." Louie yawns and says "I'll be off to sleep now." and snores while Dewey covers his head.

On-Screen Appearance

The Duck triplets ride on Louie's Spinner, then Huey and Dewey dismount while Louie remains on it. Huey then says "We're just a normal, boring family!" while Dewey says "You guys, our family is awesome!" then Louie says "It's my dream!"


  • The rivals of Huey, Dewey and Louie happen to be the twin commanders of Cobra's Crimson Guard, Tomax and Xamot.
  • One has to KO all three triplets for the KO to happen.