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General White
General White DB Ep 41 002.png
Dragon Ball icon.png
Universe Dragon Ball
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challengers
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume N/A
English voice actor Kyle Hebert
Japanese voice actor Tessho Genda
French voice actor Tony Marot
German voice actor See-Young Cho
Arabic voice actor Zaki Kordelo
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Lai Wei

How General White joined the Tourney

White is the oldest of the known officers. While not a gifted strategist, he is observant and draws conclusions with surprising speed, and is the only officer to have ever found out Goku's primary weakness: his tail. He also seems to be a somewhat skilled fighter, as shown when he fought Goku. Trapped at the top of the six-level tower through status, General White spends his time either smoking a pipe, taking sips from his flask, yelling, or bursting out in laughter at Goku's attempt to climb the tower.

While he is easily irritated and slightly impatient, White is surprisingly complementary, congratulating Goku when he reached the sixth floor and praising Ninja Murasaki for a job well done when he supposedly killed Goku.

General White receives instructions from Commander Red to enter the second Tourney and capture a thief named Momakase.

Character Select Screen Animation

When highlighted

General White creaks his head.

After the announcer calls his name

General White fires his .44 Magnum then does three punches and pulls out an AK-74 as the camera zooms saying "You should never let your guard down!"

Special Moves

Magnum (Neutral)

General White shoots three bullets from his Magnum at his opponent.

Grizzly Uppers (Side)

General White dashes forward doing three uppercuts.

Polar Dart (Up)

General White jumps into the air and drops his elbow onto the opponent.

Crashing Bomber (Down)

General White grabs his opponent, throws him/her up, then jumps after and piledrives the opponent into the ground.

Grenade Juggle (Hyper Smash)

General White throws some grenades up and shoots them with his Magnum causing multiple explosions.

Dosvidanya (Final Smash)

General White runs a thumb across his neck saying "You die now!" then runs at his opponent. If he hits, he does six kickboxing moves against the opponent. Four Red Ribbon Army soldiers riddle the opponent with machine gun fire. After that, General White drops a grenade at the opponent with "You're going home in a coffin." When the opponent tries to throw the grenade back, he/she is blown away by the explosion.

Victory Animations

  1. General White thumbs downs then says "Hah, weak simpleton!"
  2. General White swings his arms in a circle then punches forward saying "You make a good punching bag, my friend."
  3. General White puts a pin into a grenade and says "Good help's so rare to find these days!"

On-Screen Appearance

General White runs in and takes off his jacket revealing his black undershirt saying "Probably crazy for saying this but... Guess I'll risk it!"


  • General White's rival is Momakase the Food Fight champion and secretly a professional thief.