Event 55
Sinking Feeling
Official description Nohr's threatening to sink your ship for violating regulations. Don't let them sink the ship!
Character(s) used Della or Daisy (Mickey Mouse) (3 stocks)
Allies N/A
Opponent(s) Nohrian Soldiers (Infinite wave)
Gunter (Appears after 1 minute, 2 stocks)
Siegbert (Appears after 2 minutes, 2 stocks)
Camilla (Fire Emblem) (Appears after 3 minutes, 2 stocks)
Xander (Appears after 4 minutes, 2 stocks)
Stage(s) Pirate Ship
Music Road Taken (Roar) (Fire Emblem Warriors)

Sinking Feeling is the fifty-fifth event Event Match in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challengers.

Pre-fight dialog

  • Xander: Attention suspicious vessel. You have crossed into Nohrian waters without proper authorization. Identify yourselves.
  • Della: ....
  • Daisy: ....
  • Xander: Dammit! So be it! Sink the ship. We'll teach the intruders a lesson! (fire arrows hit the ship threatening to burn it)
  • Della: Waaah! And here I thought Donald was afraid of fire!
  • Daisy: If we don't contain these flames, it'll sink the ship!

Event Layout

On this event, you have to defend for 5 minutes, while keeping the danger level gauge from exceeding 10.00. Use fire extinguishers to put out the flames to keep the danger level from rising. Even if you do stabilize the danger level, Xander will order after 8 seconds "Hit them again!" and more fire arrows will hit the ship to keep the danger level going. After each minute, a Nohrian officer appears to hinder your efforts, first Gunter, then Siegbert, then Camilla, and finally Xander. If the danger level exceeds 10.00, you will fail.

When the 5 minutes expire, you will succeed in the event with Xander ordering retreat.

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