Super Smash Bros. Tourney Wiki
Universe Super Beast Machine God Dancougar
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challangers
Availability Unlockable
Bonus Costume No Bonus Costume
English voice actor Patrick Seitz (Shapiro Keats)
Japanese voice actor Norio Wakamoto (Shapiro Keats)
French voice actor Gilles Morvan (Shapiro Keats)
German voice actor Karim El Kammouchi (Shapiro Keats)
Arabic voice actor Maxim Khalil (Shapiro Keats)
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Li Jin (Shapiro Keats)

How Desire joined the Tourney

A combat robot developed in the Muge Zorbados Empire as a dedicated machine for Shapiro Keats.

The armament is very simple with one high-power beam cannon, but from its smart appearance, it is superior to Dancougar in terms of mobility and mobility, and it is a hit & away tactic with a single blow. It seems to be an aircraft with a concept that assumes. The colouring is also light purple to match Shapiro's pilot suit. In addition, there is a feature that the right arm trembles, reflecting the habit of Shapiro when riding the machine, and Shinobu Fujiwara and Sara Yuki were convinced that it was Shapiro himself who noticed this feature and was riding.

From the high ability of Shapiro, it seems that it was originally a very high-performance aircraft, but Shapiro at that time became mentally unstable from the situation where it was isolated on Mars by the plot of General Guildrome. It had fallen into a state where it could not fully demonstrate its performance. Perhaps that was a big risk, but in the battle on Mars, he attacked Gandor at first, but he collided with Sara's boarding Land Cougar. The left arm was destroyed in the form of a surprise attack by Land Cougar, which was in aggressive mode, and it stopped functioning. After that, the pilot Shapiro escaped and escaped to the cave, and the aircraft was left as it was.

After the destruction of the Muge Zorbados Empire, Shapiro had somehow escaped with the Desire, and has retuned to piloting it. He has now set his sights on Peppy Hare, Star Fox's famous veteran.

How to unlock

The player must complete the following requirement to unlock Desire.

  • Clear Classic Mode on any difficulty with Dancougar.

For that method, you must then clash with Desire at Muge Castle. Alternatively, you can avoid clashing with Desire by wishing for it from Porunga. After defeating Desire, or wishing him from Porunga, the announcer will say "Someone else has joined the Tourney!" after a Smash Ball appears on the lower-right corner of the screen with a message saying "You can now use Shapiro Keats's personal combat robot, the Desire!".

Character Select Screen Animation

When Highlighted

Desire pulls out its Beam Cannon and points it forward.

After the announcer calls its name

Desire fires three shots from its Beam Cannon, then holds it down as the camera zooms in as Shapiro says "I'll ensure that your remains receive the proper treatment...".

Special Moves

Beam Cannon (Neutral)

Desire fires a shot from its Beam Cannon. It can be charged for a more powerful shot.

Desire Rush (Side)

Desire surrounds itself with a purple aura before dashing outwards at the opponent, ramming into them.

Rocket Boost (Up)

Desire activates its rocket boosters, enabling it to fly around for a short time.

Desire Shield (Down)

Desire takes a defensive stance and holds its hands out, creating a shield of energy in front of it. This can reflect projectiles.

Desire Melee (Hyper Smash)

Desire rushes forward to kick the opponent. If it hits, it will follow up by delivering four punches, before finishing with a roundhouse kick, dealing large knockback.

Desire Final Beam (Final Smash)

Shapiro announces "This is your end!" as Desire then rushes forward to punch the opponent. If it hits, a cinematic plays where the opponent is knocked on the ground as Desire then points its Beam Cannon forward. The Beam Cannon then begins gathering energy as Shapiro says "Heheheheheh... Die!". Desire then fires out a massive beam of energy from its Beam Cannon at the opponent, causing an explosion that does a heavy amount of damage and huge knockback.

Victory Animations

  1. Desire fires three shots from its Beam Cannon as Shapiro says "Opposing me... A truly horrifying sin.".
  2. Desire looks towards the camera and points its Beam Cannon forward as Shapiro says "You can only keep up this farce for so long.".
  3. Desire hovers into the air and fires a shot from its Beam Cannon downwards before crossing its arms as Shapiro says "Your pride just led to your defeat!".

On-Screen Appearance

Desire flies down with its arms crossed as Shapiro says "Prepare yourself, for this battle should be your end!" before hovering onto the ground and getting into a fighting stance.


  • The rival of Desire is the famous long-time member of Team Star Fox, Peppy Hare.
  • Shapiro Keats shares his English voice actor with Scorpion, Iron Knuckle, Freddy Krueger, Dio Brando, Young Dio, Motochika, Zankuro Minazuki, Magnus, Dialga, Isshin Kurosaki, Laxus Dreyar, Sloth, Luke Valentine, Kunzite, Franky, and Count Dracula.
  • Shapiro Keats share his Japanese voice actor with M. Bison, Bison's cartoon self, Cell, Black Shadow, Orion, and Skull.