The Custom Costume Builder is a new game mode for the Super Smash Bros. series made just for Super Smash Bros. Tourney. It has a lot of robust features, and players can store up to ten costumes for each of the 39 returning characters and the 284 new characters. Each costume will have its own color scheme for each. Some parts have to be purchased from the game's Smash Store.

The table listed below shows every piece of headgear in the game, including face gear:

Name Description Genders Used For Availability
Deep Sea Suit A space helmet. Both Starter
Sunglasses A pair of sunglasses. Both Starter
Ribbon A hair ribbon. Female Starter
Braided Pigtails Pigtails in braided form. Female Starter
Safari Hat A cap used when going on safari. Both Unlockable, must purchase for 300 Smash Coins in the Smash Store.
Dinosaur Head A helmet that resembles the head of Lizardman. Usable on any human character. Male Unlockable, must unlock Lizardman.
Iron Helmet A soldier's helmet made from metal iron. Both Starter
Sniper Goggles A pair of sniper goggles. Both Unlockable, must purchase for 200 Smash Coins in the Smash Store.
Flame Head Flames for the characters' head. Usable on any character except Inferno, Dormammu, and Ghost Rider. Both Unlockable, must unlock Inferno and Dormammu
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