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The crowd is a group of unseen people that can be heard during matches in all games of the Super Smash Bros. series.

Causes of cheering

The crowd can occasionally be heard cheering by shouting the name of a character that is used by a human player. The cause of cheering, however, is not entirely known; common trends include having high damage and doing something significant, such as KOing multiple opponents at once, or falling behind considerably during the course of a match. Every character has a unique cheer chant in each of the Smash Bros. games.

Crowd chants

Tourney 1

  • "-" represents a slight pause in the cheer, such as between syllables in a single word.
  • "--" represents a longer pause in the cheer, such as between words.
  • Words inside two * describe noises made by the crowd, and are not actual words in the cheer.
  • Words in () are notes on the cheer, and are not part of the cheer itself.
Name Pitch Description
Mario Group chant Ma - Ri - O!
Donkey Kong Female voices Donkey - Kong!
Link Group chant Go - Link! *claps three times*
Samus Group chant Samus - Samus!
Yoshi Deep male voices Yooo - Shiii...!
Kirby Male voices Kirby -- Kirby!
Fox Group chant Go - Fox!
Pikachu Mostly female voices Pika-Pika-Pikachu!
Luigi Male voices Lu - I - Gi!
Captain Falcon Mixed chant Cap - Tain (high female voices) - Fal - Con! (deep male voices)
Ness Group chant Ness - Ness - Ness - OOOO!
Jigglypuff Male voices (English)
Group chant (French and German)
Jig-gly-puff! (English)
Dong-dong! (French and German)
Peach Group chant Peach!
Bowser Deep male voices Bow - Ser!
Zelda Group chant Zelda - Zelda - Hu!
Sheik Male voices Gooooooooooooooooooooo Sheik!
Young Link Group chant Young - Link!
Ganondorf Deep male voices Gaaa-non-doorff...!
Falco Deep male voices Faaalll - Cooo...!
Mewtwo Group chant Mewwww-two!
Ice Climbers Group chant Ice - Climber!
Marth Group chant Marth - Marth - Marth!
Mr. Game & Watch Group chant Mis - Ter -- Game - And - Watch!
Wario Group chant Wa - Ri - O! -- Cha - Cha - Cha!
Diddy Kong Group chant Di - Ddy - Kong!
King K. Rool Group chant Kiiiing -- Kay - Rool!
Zero Suit Samus Group chant Ze - Ro - Suit -- Sam - Us!
Meta Knight Group chant Me - Ta - Knight!
King Dedede Group chant Kiiiing -- De - de - de!
Wolf Group chant Wooolf! - *howl* - Wooolf! - *different howl*
Krystal Male voices Krys - Tal!
Charizard Group chant Char - Iz - Ard!
Squirtle Group chant Squir - Tle!
Ivysaur Male voices I - Vy - Saur!
Lucas Group chant Lu - Cas!
Ike Group chant We - Like - Ike!
Pit Group chant Pit - *clap*
R.O.B. Group chant R - O - B - R.O.B.!
Olimar Mixed chant Pik - Min (high female voices) -- Oli - Mar! (deep male voices)
Snake Group chant Snake - Snake - Snaaaaake!
Gray Fox Group chant *howl* - Gray - Fooooox!
Sonic Group chant Go - Go - So - Nic!
Shadow Group chant Go - Go - Sha - Dow!
Shin Group chant Shiiiin -- Ka - Mi - Ya!
Kula Deep male voices Kuuuuulaaaaaa...!
Voldo High female voices Vol - Do!
Astaroth Male voices As - Tar - Oth!
Heihachi Group chant Hei - Ha - Chi -- Mi - Shi - Ma!
Kazuya Male voices Ka - Zu - Ya -- Mi - Shi - Ma!
Jin High female voices Go - Jin!
Alisa Male voices A - Li - Sa!
Leona Group chant Le - O - Na!
Xiaoyu Male voices Xiao - Yu! *clap clap clap*
Bruce Female voices Bruce - Ir - Vin!
Sailor Moon Mixed chant Sai - Lor (high female voices) - Moon - Yeah! (deep male voices)
Mamoswine Group chant Ma - Mo - Swine!
Ares Male voices God - Of - War -- Ar - Es!
Cao Cao Group chant Lord - Cao Cao! King -of - Wei!
Nobunaga Male voices All - Hail - No - Bu - Naga!
Pinky D.D. Group chant Pin - Ky - Din - Ky - Doo!
Brain Male voices Brain - Brain - Brain - Brain!
Pinky Female voices Pin - Ky!
Chris Deep male voices Reed - Fieeeld...!
Nidoking Mostly female voices Nido-Nido-Nidoking!
Banjo Mixed chant Ban - Jo (high female voices) -- Ka - Zoo - Ie! (deep male voices)
Mumbo Mixed chant Mum - Bo (high female voices) -- Jum - Bo! (deep male voices)
Humba Mixed chant Hum - Ba (high female voices) -- Wum - Ba! (deep male voices)
Terry Female voices All right - Terry! All right - Hungry Wolf!
BJ Male voices Gooooooooooooooooooooo Beej!
Riff Group chant Riff - Riff! *clap clap clap*
Baby Bop Female voices Baby - Bop!
Barney D. Deep male voices Baaaaar - Neeeeey...!
Barney Mixed chant Bar - Nard (high female voices) -- Col - Lier! (deep male voices)
Tiger Mask Group chant Ti - Ger! - *roar* - Ti - Ger! - *different roar*
Hulk Group chant Hulk - Smash!
Red Proton Male voices Red - Pro - Ton -- Alex - Palm!
Blue Proton Male voices Blue - Pro - Ton -- Tiffany - Burton!
B. Biggle Group chant Bil - Ly -- Big - Gle!
R. Biggle Group chant Ru - By -- Big - Gle!
Doc Male voices Gooooooooooooooooooooo Doc!
Snow White Female voices Snow - White!
Captain Tina Deep male voices Tiii - Naaa...!
Jack-7 Group chant Jack - Jack - Jaaaaack!
Juggernaut Deep male voices Juuug-ger-naautt...!
Sally II
Group chant Sal - Ly!
Crimson Proton Male voices Crim - Son - Pro - Ton -- Lana - Richards!
Pink Proton Male voices Pink - Pro - Ton -- Mimi - Paley!
Lea Deep male voices Leee - Aaaa...!
Marcia EX Group chant Marcia - Marcia - Marcia!
Jan G3 Male voices Gooooooooooooooooooooo Jan!
Oksana Group chant Ok - Sa - Na!

Tourney 2

  • "-" represents a slight pause in the cheer, such as between syllables in a single word.
  • "--" represents a longer pause in the cheer, such as between words.
  • Words inside two * describe noises made by the crowd, and are not actual words in the cheer.
  • Words in () are notes on the cheer, and are not part of the cheer itself.
Name Pitch Description
Amy Rose Female voices Amyyyyyyyyyy - Rose!
Ozai Group chant Hailllll - Ozai!
Erron Black Male voices Er - ron - Black!
Quan Chi Male voices Serve Quan Chi! - Worship Quan Chi!
Shinnok Deep male voices Looooooooord Shninoooooook!
Piccolo Mixed chant Give 'em hell! (female voices) -- Pic - co - lo! (male voices)
Lee (The Expendables) Male voices Merry Lee Christmas - and Happy Knife Day!


  • In Brawl, the Japanese crowd cheer for Meta Knight is the same as the American cheer; this is the only crowd cheer unchanged in Brawl.
  • Ike's cheer, "We Like Ike", was initially used in 1952 US presidential elections, in support of candidate Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower.
  • Luigi's cheer in Brawl appears to be shouted by only a few people, in reference to the fact he is often overshadowed by his brother and ignored by others. In the Tourney series, it is the same as Melee.
  • Snake's cheer is a reference to Snake's death sequence from the Metal Gear Solid franchise, in which Otacon can be heard repeating Snake's name in the same manner as the crowd cheer; the phrase itself is also used in Snake's Smash Taunts.
  • In Japanese versions of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, King Dedede's crowd cheer is different - as he is not known as a "King" in Japan, his crowd cheer is "De - De - De -- De De De -- De - De - De - De - De - De - De!" This would be carried over to the Super Smash Bros. Tourney series.
  • Also in the Japanese version of Brawl, Jigglypuff's, R.O.B.'s, and Bowser's cheers are that of their respective Japanese names, Purin, Robot, and Koopa.
  • In Brawl, the Ice Climbers' cheer is different based on which climber is human-controlled. When playing as Nana, the cheer is the Back sound on the menu. It is changed to their cheer from Melee in the Tourney series.
  • In Tourney, the cheer for Shin Kamiya, Jin Kazama, and Alisa Bosconovitch have their first names pronounced "Sheen," "Gene," and "Alissa," respectively.
    • Any character with a Chinese name, such as Feng Wei, will have the crowd pronounce his/her name correctly.
  • The Brain's cheer resembles part of the theme song to Pinky and the Brain, specifically the part where the vocals sing "They're dinky, they're Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain!"