In every Super Smash Bros. game so far, Kirby has had the ability to copy any other characters' standard-special move with his Neutral-B attack, Inhale, or his Hyper Smash, Super Inhale. If another Kirby is swallowed, only damage is dealt, but Kirby can steal a copy ability off the enemy Kirby, if they had one. When Kirby copies one of his opponents, he will also bear a resemblance of that character in the form of a hat of some kind, which usually show a prominent part of the character copied, and oftentimes mimics their voices/sounds. When performing copied attacks, Kirby will also use the same weapons and poses as their owners. When Kirby has the ability of any Standard Special Move that makes the player helpless in midair (Mega Punch, Mach Tornado, PK Flash, PK Freeze, and Rollout in Melee), the same effect will happen to him.

Kirby can choose to discard the ability at any time by using one of his taunts, though he may also lose it when taking damage.

Starting in Super Smash Bros. Tourney and the sequel, the SFX from Kirby Super Star when Kirby gets a copy ability will be heard as soon as he finishes the Inhale move. Kirby will also do an animation where he looks at the camera and holds his left hand up.

Giant characters such as the giant mobile armors can only be copied if Kirby uses Super Inhale; Inhale will have no effect. Should Kirby copy the ability of a character with a humanoid stand or a guardian ghost, Kirby will make a shadow clone of himself that resembles Shadow Kirby from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror to do the guardian ghost or humanoid stand's job. Below are Kirby's detailedappearances when he copies the other characters in Super Smash Bros. Tourney.

Character Features Obtained Special Move Notes
Bowser Bowser's horns and hair. Fire Breath While breathing fire, Kirby takes the pose of Fire Kirby from Kirby Super Star.
Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr.'s horns, hair, eyebrows and scarf. Fire Spit
Captain Falcon Captain Falcon's helmet (with transparent visor). Falcon Punch Kirby imitates the famous "Falcon Punch!" shout. This imitation has become famous in its own right. He can also perform the Reverse Falcon Punch.
Charizard A hat of Charizard's head and wings. Flamethrower As with Bowser, the move is similar to Kirby's Fire ability. However, unlike the Bowser Copy ability, Kirby takes the stance of Fire Kirby from Kirby's Adventure.
Xiaoyu Ling Xiaoyu's pigtails. Clouded Peak
Diddy Kong Diddy Kong's hat. Peanut Popgun
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong's fur. Mega Punch Since the move put Donkey Kong in helpless state when the attack is used in midair, Kirby is helpless after using the move in midair as well.
Doctor Doom Doctor Doom's hood and mask. Plasma Beam
Alisa Alisa's pink hair. Rocket Fist Kirby imitates Alisa's "Go, Rocket Fist!" when using this move.
Falco Falco's beak, "mohawk", and reddish eye colouring Blaster
Fox Fox's ears and helmet. Blaster
Ganondorf Ganondorf's hair, eyebrows, and head ornament. Warlock Punch Kirby can also perform the Reverse Warlock Punch. Kirby also does the move with an amusing voice.
Astaroth Astaroth's head. Poseidon Tide Rush Though, Astaroth holds Kulutues all the time, Kirby only holds it when he performs the attack. Also, Kirby imitates Astaroth's laugh.
Ike Ike's hair and headband. Eruption
Jigglypuff Jigglypuff's ears and hair tuft. Rollout
Kenshiro Kenshiro's hair Ganzan Ryozan Ha Kirby imitates Kenshiro's callout for the technique.
King Dedede King Dedede's hat. Inhale Kirby can use this to perform an obscure suicide. Also, by copying this version of Inhale, Kirby can only spit his enemies out as stars, similar to the original Kirby's Dream Land.
Link Link's Hat. Hero's Bow. Looks similar to Sword Kirby, since Sword Kirby is loosely based on Link.
Little Mac Little Mac's hair and eyebrows. Straight Lunge Kirby also imitates Little Mac's voice while doing the move.
Heihachi Heihachi Mishima's hair, eyebrows, and mustache. Tekken Ball
Casey Casey's braided pigtails. Ice Ball Kirby imitates Casey's "Thanks, Team Umizoomi! Good luck!" while doing this move.
Shin Shin Kamiya's hair. Hadoken Kirby imitates Shin's voice while using the move.
Luigi Luigi's Cap Fireball
Mario Mario's Cap Fireball
Marth Marth's hair and crown Shield Breaker
Iron Man Iron Man's face and head. Unibeam
Milli Milli's helmet and ponytails. Ponytail Smash Kirby imitate's Milli's voice while using the move.
Meta Knight Meta Knight's mask (with green eyes), and small wings. Mach Tornado Using the move in midair sends Kirby in a helpless state. This move is a reference to Kirby's Tornado ability in some of his games.
Mokujin Mokujin's face. The move Kirby gets depends on who Mokujin is imitating. Kirby imitates the voice of Mokujin himself instead of whoever Mokujin is imitating.
Mr. Game & Watch Mr. Game & Watch's color. Chef
Ness Ness's baseball cap PK Flash Kirby also does not wear the hat exactly as Ness does; he wears it backwards, whereas Ness wears it sideways. This may be a reference to Yo-Yo Kirby, Wheel Kirby, and/or Paint Kirby.
Edge Master Edge Master's hair. The move Kirby gets depends on who Edge Master is imitating. Kirby imitates the voice of Edge Master himself instead of whoever Edge Master is imitating.
Jotaro Jotaro's cap. Blazing Fists Kirby makes a shadow clone of himself, rapidly punches and goes "Ora ora" like Star Platinum.
Pac-Man Pac-Man's nose and eyebrows. Pac-Dot Shoot
Polnareff Polnareff's silver hair. Million Spit Kirby has a shadow clone of himself using a rapier thrust rapidly at the opponent.
Palutena Palutena's hair and diadem. Autoreticle Though, Palutena holds her staff all the time, Kirby only holds it when he performs the attack.
Peach Peach's crown. Toad
Pikachu A hat of Pikachu's head and tail Thunder Jolt Kirby also imitates Pikachu's voice while using the move.
Olimar Olimar's large nose and helmet antenna Pikmin Pluck/Pikmin Throw Since Pikmin are completely tied into Olimar's moveset, Kirby cannot use Pikmin Pluck correctly. Instead, he plucks a Pikmin and immediately throws it.The Pikmin hits opponents for minor damage and dies once it hits the ground.
Gundam A helmet shaped like Gundam's head. Beam Rifle Kirby must use Super Inhale to get the Gundam's copy ability.
Wang Wang Jinrei's hat and beard. Long Zhu Lian Pao While doing the move, Kirby imitates Wang Jinrei's voice.
Pit Pit's diadem and wings Palutena's Arrow This hat resembles Cupid Kirby in both the design and the attack that is copied.
Hannah Hannah Morgan's long hair. Ball Throw Kirby imitates Hannah Morgan's voice while doing the move.
Ryu Ryu's hair and headband. Hadoken Kirby imitates Ryu's voice when doing the move.
Twynkle Twynkle's hat and elf ears. Super Blade Slash Kirby imitates Twynkle's voice while doing the move.
Lexine Lexine's pigtails. Radiation Kirby imitates Lexine's voice while doing the move.
R.O.B. R.O.B.'s eyes and diode. Robo Beam While R.O.B. says "ZAP!" during this move, Kirby instead says "BEEP" in a monotone voice. This hat resembles Laser Kirby in both the design and the move that is copied.
Rosalina Rosalina's Crown and baton. Wand Strike
Samus Samus' helmet (covering whole body) with transparent visor. Charge Shot Usually Kirby obtains the weapon of enemies. But for Samus he uses his hands for the beam. This move is similar to the UFO ability from certain games (as well as the Kirby Super Star version of the Beam ability), in which Kirby could fire a different kind of shot depending on how long the B button is held (the longer it's held, the stronger the attack).
Sheik Sheik's headcloth and hair. Needle Storm
Shulk Shulk's Monado. Monado Arts Kirby is able to use the Monado Arts like Shulk. Instead of having Shulk's hair, Kirby copies the Monado Sword so he will be able to use the Monado Arts.
Sonic A hat of Sonic's ears and quills Homing Attack Kirby imitates Sonic's voice while doing the move.
Young Link Young Link's floppy cap. Hero's Bow of Fire Like Link, this Kirby hat looks like Sword Kirby.
Hulk The Hulk's hair and coloring. Impact Punch This is the one of many Copy Abilitie that does not just change the hat, but also Kirby's coloring. Also, Kirby imitates Hulk's famous "HULK SMASH!" when doing the move.
Wario Wario's biker helmet Chomp
Female Trainer Female Trainer's hair and coloring. Sun Salutation This is the one of many Copy Abilities that does not just change the hat, but also Kirby's coloring.
Yoshi A hat of Yoshi's head. Egg Lay Oddly enough, Kirby grows a second tongue to use Egg Lay. Kirby also imitates Yoshi's voice while doing the move.
Zelda Young Zelda's headdress. Nayru's Love. Not only is this Kirby hat the outfit of Zelda at a different age, but it is also from a different game. the headdress is in Ocarina of Time, yet the Zelda character in the Tourney series is modeled off the Twilight Princess version.
Zero Suit Samus Zero Suit Samus' ponytail. Paralyzer Though, Zero Suit Samus holds her paralyzer all the time, Kirby only holds it when he performs the attack.
Zott Zott's hair and mustache. MP5 Though, Giorgio Zott holds his gun all the time, Kirby only holds it when he performs the move.
Sailor Moon Sailor Moon's meatball hair. Moon Tiara Magic Though, Sailor Moon wears her tiara all the time, Kirby only wears it when he performs the attack.
Wonder Red Wonder Red's braided pigtails and red helmet with a big horizontal stripe of purple in the center. Wonder Words Basket Blast Though, Wonder Red holds her Wonder Words Basket all the time, Kirby only holds it when he performs the attack.
Pippi Pippi's braided pigtails from The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking Handstand Punch Kirby also imitates Pippi's voice while doing the move.
Erron Black Erron Black's cowboy hat and mask Sand Grenade Kirby imitates Erron Black's voice while doing the move.
Sally II Sally's hair from the 2003 Cat in the Hat film Hooksword Throw Though, Sally II holds her hookswords all the time, Kirby only holds them when he performs the attack.
Yoshimitsu Yoshimitsu's mask from Tekken 5 Ninja Blade Smash Though, Yoshimitsu holds his sword all the time, Kirby only holds it when he performs the attack.
Geo Geo's helmet Triangle Toss Though, Geo wears his shape belt all the time, Kirby only wears it when he performs the attack.
Goku Goku's hair Kamehameha Though, Goku wears his upper gi all the time, Kirby only wears it when he performs the attack.
Gohan Gohan's hair Kamehameha
Piccolo Piccolo's antennae Explosive Demon Wave Kirby imitates Piccolo's voice while doing the move.
Jeice Jeice's white hair and scouter Crusher Ball Kirby imitates Jeice's voice while doing the move
Agent Olympia Olympia's hair and glasses Olympia Burst Kirby imitates Olympia's voice while doing the move.
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