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Chief Thunder
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Universe Killer Instinct
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challengers
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume No Bonus Costume
English voice actor Ken Lobb
Japanese voice actor Kenji Hamada
French voice actor Francois Creton
German voice actor Fabian Hollwitz
Arabic voice actor Yousef Al-Baghli
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Xue Zhiqian

How Chief Thunder joined the Tourney

Unable to let go of his grief and consumed by the mysteries that still surround the loss of his brother Eagle, Hinmatoom (Thunder) strikes an accord with an unfamiliar figure in exchange for recovering Eagle’s remains so that he can be given a traditional burial and both can find peace.

Raiding Ultratech labs, Chief Thunder found evidence indicating that Eagle might still live. He learned that a Goodra was being target by Ultratech to make human/Goodra hybrids.

Character Select Screen Animations

When highlighted

Sits on his knees with his arms raised.

After the announcer calls his name

Does a traditional Native American war dance then swings his axes as the camera zooms saying "Come and face my breath."

Special Moves

Phoenix (Neutral)

Chief Thunder sends a ball of red energy at his opponent from his right axe.

Triplax (Side)

Thunder does a series of spinning slashes with his axes.

Sammamish (Up)

Chief Thunder flies into the air ramming his head. This has startup invincibility.

Call of the Earth (Down)

Thunder grabs and slams his opponent down, then curbstomps their head.

Strike of the Sky (Hyper Smash)

Thunder dances with his back turned to his opponent then summons a bolt of lightning to electrocute his opponent with a Star KO scream, and taking a life from the stock.

Dance of Angels (Final Smash)

Thunder starts with a stronger Triplax. If he hits, he follows by doing a series of slashes and kicks. After forty-three hits, he finishes by cross-slashing his axes and knocking his opponent away. After this, the announcer goes "ULTRAAAAAAAA COMBOOOOOOOOO!"

Victory Animations

  1. Thunder brings his axes together and says "It was fun."
  2. Thunder swings his axes around, then spreads them apart and says "You are still not good enough."
  3. Chief Thunder swings his axes down saying "Thank you for the battle!" then walks away.

On-Screen Appearance

Chief Thunder walks in and takes out his axes then raises them saying "Now I go along with the law."


  • Chief Thunder's rival is the goo Dragon Pokemon, Goodra.
  • Chief Thunder shares his Japanese voice actor with Susano'o, Dee Jay, RoboQuad, Steel, Beautiful Suzuka, Michael Morbius and Komodo Moe of the Komodo Bros. pair.
  • Chief Thunder shares his French voice actor with Juda, Hyou, Rollin Hand, Rubber Soul, Gourry Gabriev, Chipp Zanuff, Brigadier General Lewis A. "Lo" Armistead, Ho-Oh and Zelos Wilder.
  • Chief Thunder shares his German voice actor with Souichiro Nagi, Numbuh II, Agent 9 and Hydreigon's middle head.
  • Chief Thunder shares his Mandarin Chinese voice actor with Absorbing Man, Jake the Dog and Master Eraqus.