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Universe Mortal Kombat
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challengers
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume N/A
English voice actor Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Japanese voice actor Yuki Takada
French voice actor Melanie Anne
German voice actor Karyn von Ostholt
Arabic voice actor Joumana Zonji
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Zhang Zhe

How Cetrion joined the Tourney

Cetrion is Shinnok's sister and Kronika's daughter, an Elder Goddess who utilizes the power of nature and the elements. Cetrion is clad in natural armor consisting of chiseled jade and flowing foliage. She was thought to be a respected Elder Goddess amongst the Elder Gods. However, after Shinnok's defeat, she betrayed the Elder Gods to go serve her mother, to whom both Cetrion and Shinnok are truly loyal. Unfortunately, Liu Kang (now the Thunder Fire God) managed to exploit Cetrion's conflict with her loyalty, and Cetrion ended up losing many fights for selling her heart and independence by serving her mother.

At the start of the second Tourney, Cetrion caught the eye of Callum and decided to test to see if he even could save the world.

Character Select Screen Animation

When highlighted

Cetrion holds a ball of water.

After the announcer calls her name

Cetrion scatters the water, then shoots fire, then sprouts some rocks as the camera zooms saying "Balancing the realms is mother's will."

Special Moves

Boulder Bash (Neutral)

Summons a large boulder that she throws towards straight forward.

Ring of Fire (Side)

Summons a aura of fire that harms the opponent if they enter it's circumference.

Hell's Wrath (Up)

Cetrion flies up and shoots a fire beam diagonally at her opponent, can also be performed in the air.

Circle of Life (Down)

Cetrion summons up some stones to stop projectiles from hitting her or to hit opponents up close.

Weeping Willow (Hyper Smash)

Based on her Mortal Kombat 11 Fatal Blow. Cetrion sends a multitude of boulders crashing over her opponent's head in which she proceeds to send several pieces of rock towards her opponent. She then uses a sharp shard of rock to send them flying against a newly formed tree to follow up with fragments of wood into the victim's hands and skull to set them free with a powerful blast.

Good and Evil (Final Smash)

Based on her Mortal Kombat 11 second Fatality. Cetrion summons a set of rocks from the Earth, crushing her opponent with them before growing to a large size and stomping the victim's head. This destroys the rocks and leaves the victim paralyzed. Cetrion completes her Fatality by growing to an astronomical size and firing a beam into the opponent that obliterates all but their limbs.

Victory Animations

  • Cetrion surrounds herself in a vortex of fire, water, earth and air saying "Rest in peace."
  • Cetrion summons an illusion of the Earth globe saying "All life ends."
  • Cetrion makes rain fall then stops it for a moment and touches a rain drop. She then says "I abide my mother's will."

On-Screen Appearance

Cetrion flies out of a large flower and says "Then why destroy what it made?"

Special Quotes


  • Cetrion's rival is the prince pf Katolis, Callum, while her second rival is the pyrokinetic anthropomorphic Mienshao, Lily Long.
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