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Cyberman18 Cyberman18 1 April 2020

Which voice can suit the twin Robot Master, Gemini Man?

I was just wondering, if I make a Smash Bros Tourney 2 Character page on the wiki for Gemini Man from the Mega Man universe, which of these voice actors should be suitable to voice him?

  • Kaiji Tang.
  • Charlie Adler.
  • Rob Paulsen.
  • Matt Hill.
  • Brad Swaile.
  • Seth Green.
  • Liam O'Brian.
  • Crispin Freeman.
  • David Vincent.
  • Tony Sampson.

Let me know which voice actor would suit him best! Comment if you like!

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Collaterale1 Collaterale1 3 February 2014

Hello Tourners

You might be shocked to this Andrew and Hiromichi but... Lawler-RPG willl be the ultimate crossover game with 4500 Characters!

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Collaterale1 Collaterale1 10 January 2014


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Collaterale1 Collaterale1 26 December 2013

Hello everybody

I had an announcement, im making Lawl-A-Lympics game in Making the Crossover only, based on Mario and Sonic at The Olympic Games series, everybody will collaborate or not.

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